Job offer to work in the United States: number of vacancies, when they end, and how to apply

Through an official statement published on May 5, A.J Public Employment Agency of the Seine River Announce a job offer in the United States. As stated in the text, There are around 100 job vacancies available and a series of requirements to fulfill.

According to information provided by the Sina Public Employment Agency, With a job offer, Sales Promoters and Warehouse Assistants are on the lookout, so there are approximately 100 vacancies. The requirements are as follows.

  • education level: Bachelor’s.
  • expertise: One year in a similar situation and this can be verified.
  • a work day: complete.
  • Schedule: 40 hours a week.
  • Workplace: Florida, USA.
  • Languages: Intermediate – Advanced English.
  • Duration of the contract: Three years’ salary: US$2,720 (12’314,745 Colombian pesos)..

When does the call end?

As reported by the SeineThe call has been open since April 23 and will expire on May 25. However, the entity reiterated that the offer could be closed before that date if the required number of candidates was completed.

In addition, among the benefits of the job is that it includes compulsory life insurance, a maternity support program, a discount program for car purchases, medical and dental plans, among many others. however, About the social benefits that the chosen person will receive are health insurance, paid vacations, compensatory days and vacations.

Persons interested in registering for the call, They will have to register their CV on the platform of the Seine River Public Employment Agency. On the platform, the user has to apply for the required vacancy and wait for confirmation from the entity if it fulfills 100% of the requirements.

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