Canada announces that there will be no investigation to clarify the causes of the sinking of the ‘Villa de Pitanxo’

Relatives of the crew members of the fishing vessel ‘Villa de Pitanxo’ awoke on Friday to the news that Canadian Mounted Police He will not investigate the causes of the sinking of the ship as it happened in international waters. The authorities of that country had already stopped the search a day and a half before that and after extending it 12 hours more than what the Canadian protocol provides for these cases.

Meanwhile, families in Spain are asking to keep looking for her. “We know, unfortunately, that they are not alive, but there are 12 people whose bodies deserve to be found,” said Maria José de Pazo, the daughter of one of the disappeared.

Identify the victims

The Canadian police, however, indicated that they would provide assistance to the coroner “to receive the victims of the tragedy at the port Saint John Newfoundlandhelping to identify the victims and eventually return the remains to their countries of origin,” according to Efe.

In Villa de Betanxo, located in Marin Pontevedra (Spain), there was a crew of 24 people, three of whom survived.

The Spanish, Portuguese and Canadian ships that came to the rescue managed to retrieve the bodies of nine crew members, while 12 others are still missing. Of the crew of 24, 16 were of Spanish nationalityFive are from Peru and three are from Ghana.

Research Ministry of Transport

In parallel with Spanish Ministry of Transport Already open an investigation and collect evidence such as electronic records or emergency signals. This portfolio has, from now on, one year to issue a report explaining what happened to “Villa de Pitanxo”.

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Finally, Canadian authorities have indicated that they expect the two ships transporting survivors and recovered bodies to arrive in San Juan de Terranova in the next few hours.

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