Grupo México demands that Gómez Urrutia pay $55 million in debt to miners

Grupo México demanded that Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, the leader of the mining union and senator for Morena, pay the $55 million, plus interest, that he owes to the miners following the decision of the Federal Council for Conciliation and Arbitration (JFCA).

On January 28, the Corporation ordered Gómez Urrutia, Secretary General of the National Confederation of Miners, Metallurgists, Steel and the like in the Republic of Mexico, to pay debts to 226 miners at the Canaña mine, beneficiaries of a fund created in 2005.

In its grant, the JFCA acquitted Minera México, Grupo México, Minera Cananea, and Scotiabank of paying benefits and claims made by the union leadership.

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The controversy has already taken place in the courts, which have ruled that Napoleon Gomez Urrutia must pay the miners $55 million, in addition to interest, that he owes them. No campaign of press releases, lies, roadblocks, defamation and publications in the manner, such as the one that Gómez Urrutia has been funding for months, should impede compliance with judicial decisions ordering him to hand these resources over to their legitimate recipients,” said .. Grupo México in a statement Thursday.

Because of this litigation, Gomez Urrutia went into exile for 12 years in Canada and returned when he won his Senate seat by the multiparty route after the 2018 elections.

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