UK Long-Term Forecast: Spanish heatwave could shake UK: Tropical winds wreak havoc on the country | weather

The BBC’s latest long-range weather forecast anticipates further pressure in the UK later this month. The possibility of a heat wave is reflected in NetWeather’s latest weather charts, with the forecast maximum temperature for August 24th reaching 25°C. It peaked at 25°C in London, just below 24°C in East Anglia, before that. Advance by one degree after 24 hours.

At this time, temperatures in northern France will peak at 27 degrees Celsius, which is close to the UK with high pressure range and hot air.

In anticipation of August 23-29, the BBC Weather website said on its website that the Atlantic weather forecast would drift towards northern Iceland instead of west.

This high pressure band will increase the temperature of the air above your head and the temperature is expected to be “above average for several days”.

BBC Weather said on its website: “We are expecting less stressful weather in the UK for the last full week of summer, with the weekend approaching.”

“The climate is very calm and it is usually summer.

“The winds will be light as the Atlantic weather fronts drift towards northern Iceland rather than going into the UK from the west.

“Because the high pressure continues to rise for a long time, it helps warm the air trapped in the headspace, so we would expect the temperature to be above average for several days.”

Increasingly hot air increases the chances of the country being looted and roughly mirrors what happened in July, as high pressure settles upward and slowly increases the mass of hot air.

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But if this high pressure group moves towards Germany, it will suffer a “gradual warming effect”, which will strengthen slightly and move southwest, bringing some tropical winds from the Atlantic.

It will still be hot, but it’s not likely to hit heatwave percentage until the winds move south and move over Spain.

BBC Weather concluded: “We are more confident at higher pressures and above-average temperatures, but how hot it is at lower temperatures because it will be more sensitive to the correct level of altitude.

“In one of the three cases, the south and southwest winds are 10% more likely than the third. The probability of tropical winds coming from the southwest is 25%.”

From August 22 to August 31, the Center for Meteorology said, “Temperatures will often be near or above average, with occasional warmer weather.”

But the forecast also warns: “There is little hope that this period will start and it will be responsible for the uncertainty in the details of the low pressure area.

“At first I was worried, especially in the south, with heavy rain and frost on Sunday.

“Conditions should be very consistent over the next week, with lots of dry weather and occasional sunshine.

These more balanced conditions will last all week, however rain and sleet can form again.

It moves mainly from west to south with precipitation.

“The wind is likely to be light at the beginning of the week, and may increase during the week, especially if the unstable weather is coming from the west.”

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