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from Rio de Janeiro

It took a lot of time to get to this point Brazil Define your future. We are used to living in crucial situations, but nothing is as transcendent as this.

We have reached the moment of defining our destiny, a long time ago. Nothing will be like before, after next Sunday. We will be very happy or unhappy. We will take back the power to decide the fate of the country in our own hands. Or surely we will give up power to decide for ourselves what we want for Brazil.

There is no common ground. We’ll decide between the worst and the best. Between promising us the best of Brazil or the worst of us.

We will vote with everyone in mind or we will leave Brazil once and for all in the hands of a few. We will decide democracy or authoritarianism. For those who speak for everyone or for those who speak for themselves and a few others. For the richest or all.

Brazil has almost always been among the few, among the richest of those to accumulate power and wealth. In just a few years, we had a real feeling that the country could be different, that it could serve everyone, and that it was not doomed to leave a growing number of Brazilians left on the streets, sleeping in despair.

We lived a few years that made us feel proud of being Brazilian and not ashamed. We were sure that Brazil had a solution, that it could be a much better country, that it could defeat those who have always ruled the country. We already know that everyone can be happy, everyone can be taken care of, and no one should be left behind.

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Brazil was already seen as an example rather than a country to be avoided. A country that brought hope, not despair. We are already looking to the future with confidence, not skepticism.

Now we can reaffirm what we want for our beloved Brazil and defeat what we don’t want. Defeat those who do not like Brazil, those who do not love our people and hate democracy. Make those who represent us successful, those who love the people and democracy. We want those who represent Brazil.

It will be a short moment, stand in line, present the document, enter the booth to vote, press 13 or 22. Lula or Bolsonaro. Go forth confident in the results, confident that we are on the good side of history, on the side of the people, On the side of democracy, on the side of Lula.

Go home, wait for the results, anxious, excited, talk to share feelings and hopes. Knowing that we will determine our fate in a short time.

Without fear of being happy!

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