Huge scam from an elderly woman in Hong Kong: More than $ 32 million US dollars were stolen through a phone hoax

Fraudsters pretending to be Chinese security agents About $ 32.7 million was stolen from a 90-year-old Hong Kong woman In a phone scam, in what is considered the largest burglary of its kind in the former British colony.

In Hong Kong, elderly people are often targeted by fraudsters who take advantage of their vulnerability and lead them to make bank transfers or questionable investments.

On this occasion, the victim was unborn He lives in Peak, the most exclusive neighborhood in town, Located in a mountain on Hong Kong Island, police said Tuesday.

The fraudsters contacted the victim last summer They present themselves as the heads of the Chinese security services, Assuring him that his identity had been used fraudulently in a criminal case in mainland China.

They asked him what he should do Make bank transfers to the accounts of the alleged investigators, to protect your wealth And carry out the investigation, according to the newspaper South China Morning Newspaper Citing police sources.

REUTERS / Evan Alvarado
REUTERS / Evan Alvarado

After several days, the police said, a person appeared at the victim’s home to give him a phone number and a card that he had to communicate with the alleged security officers who They convinced her to make 11 bank transfers.

Over a period of five months, the victim transferred a total of 250 million Hong Kong dollars (32.7 million dollars), The highest amount obtained in Hong Kong via a phone scam.

Police explained that the theft was discovered after that A non-born maid called her daughter to report her suspicions.

19-year-old man was arrested On charges of fraud and released on bail, according to police. He would be the one who gave the phone to the old woman.

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Hong Kong police say phone scams, often committed from mainland China, are becoming more prevalent. Reports of these types of cases increased by 18% in the first quarter of 2021.

(With information from Agence France-Presse)

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