WhatsApp launched five new tools

Acceleration of acoustics

To shorten times when listening to a spoken message – one of the messages that can become eternal – WhatsApp now lets you increase the speed of a voice note. This application It is in its beta stage, with no official release date.

WhatsApp temporary photos

As with temporary messages, WhatsApp will implement this functionality for images and other type of files It will be deleted automatically according to the time set by the user.

The option will be available via a new icon that will appear when sharing a picture, and the sender will see a blurred thumbnail of it next to the message “Touch to see what”. Then, When the user clicks on the message, they will see the received item, but only once.

Temporary 24-hour messages

The option was one of the most popular options when it was announced in 2020, but its length of availability has disappointed many.

WhatsApp agreed to automatically delete their messages after seven days. But after receiving the criticism, the app reported that the messages It may have a period of 24 hours.

Encrypted security

The multimedia files that you want to upload to the cloud contain encryption and password protection functions, for both Android and iOS users. Over the next few months, WhatsApp will make this post official on its platform.

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