Blue: The flag explains why it’s the majority’s favorite color

What is your favorite color? When they ask this question, most people end up with the same answer, maybe you Favorite color be the blueand the Sciences Explain why is Most people’s favorite color.

Lauren LabricTeacher University of Rhode IslandAnd the United StateWhat is he studying? The effect of color on marketing Reports indicate that blue color It predominates, because it originates from childhood. Therefore, the more time children spend in the world, the more they start to do it Develop connections with specific colorsdepending on what they have been exposed to and what they are associated with.

For information, study 330 children between the ages of 4 and 11 It was discovered that they used .’s favorite colors When they draw a character they find likable and tend to use black With the protagonist they did not like or did not like. And when these kids grow into their teens, Your color choices take on a darker, darker tone.

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Similarly, the Assistant Professor of Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Madisonin United StateAnd the Karen Schlossargues that we always have an extension Favorite color Because we surround ourselves with favorite things, like sneakers, clothes, lipstick, or deodorant. Regarding blue colorPeople attach meaning to them, often because of subjective stories, and thus create personal reasons for finding an unpleasant or attractive tone.

The Sciences It shows that since the first recorded color studies in the nineteenth century, . has long been favored blue color; This is likely because most Our experience with color is positiveLike idyllic oceans or clear skies.

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While it also details the existence of a file the color that few people love; Around Brown colorbecause it is associated with biological waste or decomposing food.

Although there are others Colors That people like pink or purple or green too because when you’re young you tend to like it BRIGHTER COLORS And when a person grows, he tends towards him More serious colors In the same way, the things we love the most Our life is that Define our color preferences.

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