Better than WhatsApp: It is the most secure messaging app

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the Messaging apps They have become essential tools for millions of users around the world, who use them daily to work or stay in touch with their families. And although WhatsApp is the most used, There are alternatives that have superior properties In sections such as privacy.

The most popular apps that compete with WhatsApp are cablewhich also stands out as one of the safest options.

However, according to technology experts The messaging platform that offers more security to its users is Signala little-known app that has gained popularity in recent months.

Signal has more than 10 million users worldwide.

What builds trust among those who use Signal is just that Messages sent from this chat are only between the person who sends them and the person who receives them. Once deleted, it cannot be accessed or retrieved by anyone else.

This app was created in 2014 and one of its advantages is that To enter, it only asks for the user’s phone number. This differs from WhatsApp or Telegram, which also ask for location, name, language, and other personal data.

at the moment Signal has more than 10 million users worldwideAmong them is businessman Elon Musk. Calls can be made on the platform and it also has a PC version.

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