Bermuda Triangle: the amazing discovery that explains why ships disappear there

Bermuda Triangle is a geographical area located in Atlantic OceanAnd between the Bermuda IslandsAnd Puerto Rico And Miami. These three points constitute a geometric object that, over time, has generated a lot of uncertainty due to The disappearance of ships. As a result, the place became a bleak picture and was a reason for researchers to venture into the cause of its origin.

In principle, experts note that “environmental considerations” It could explain the many disappearances that have been recorded in recent times. An example of this is most tropical and other storms climatic adversity It destabilized the path of boats sailing through that area.

Bermuda Triangle locationTwitter: @valladu1986

There is no evidence of mysterious disappearances occurring frequently in the Bermuda Triangle. “No other large area is well-traveled in the ocean,” the organization said. National Ocean Service (NOAA) In a statement posted on his website web page This has led other professionals in the field to begin investigating whether there is any factor – besides the climate – that threatens boats or fishing boats in the area.

After years of this confirmation from an official website that specializes in ocean movements, the Australian World Karl Kruszelnicki explained in dialogue with The Independent That there is no reason to believe that the Bermuda Triangle is related to the tragic events. “The number of ships and planes lost in the Bermuda Triangle is the same as anywhere in the world in percentage terms“, precise.

In the same vein, he defended his position at all costs: “According to statements by Lloyd’s of London and the United States Coast Guard, The number of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is comparable to the number of disappearances in any other part of the world in terms of number.“.

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Although no specific reason has been found that can determine the main reason for the disappearance of ships in this region, the NOAA was dependent on environmental factors to find a reason.

Bermuda Triangle, a legend that is many years oldGoogle Maps

First, it was put in Gulf Stream effect“, which is witnessing sudden climatic changes in the Gulf of Mexico, which greatly increases the danger to ships. Another important point is the presence of many islands in the Caribbean Sea that “hinder mobilityBecause of the small marine area that exists.

Last but not least, this organization positions the Bermuda Triangle as a potential obstacle to “magnetic compasses” and has argued in this line of reasoning: “It causes them to point to true north rather than magnetic north, creating directional confusion.“.

With all this evidence on the table, the Bermuda Triangle remains cause for observation for subject matter professionals who are still They do not strike the key to understanding the mystery that surrounds it.


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