Barbed wire erected with British support on the Polish border causes many migrants to be injured –

Some people, mainly from Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan and Afghanistan, have required hospitalization for bruises, sprains, cuts and suspected fractures.

Wire fence in front of a Polish border crossing, seen from the Belarusian side. Seva Karakan/Anadolu Agency/

fountain: RT

A barbed wire fence that the British military helped build on Poland’s eastern border has injured scores of people trying to cross from Belarus into the European Union.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) claims that as of 24 April, 16 illegal immigrants have been seriously injured in just one month while trying to cross the dangerous 5.5m high fence, reports The Guardian. Some people, mainly from Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan and Afghanistan, have required hospitalization due to Bruises, sprains, cuts and suspected fractures.

Earlier, the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that it had sent military engineers to Warsaw between December 2021 and August 2022 to provide “border infrastructure support” in response to “the pressure of irregular migration”. On the Polish side, they also recognized Participation of British soldiers in installing the fenceIt was completed in the middle of last year.

Faced with the dangers of the barrier, NGO advisor Sophie McCann finds it “deeply concerning that the UK Government is actively and directly supporting these activities”. Inhumane anti-immigration measures“.

“The medical teams of Doctors Without Borders have seen the injuries and suffering caused by the ill-treatment of refugees, asylum-seekers and other migrants at Europe’s borders,” the activist stressed.

The Polish government commissioner, Stanislav Zarin, tweeted on May 25 that it had already been registered Over 10,000 illegal login attempts To Poland from Belarus so far this year, stressing that the number of such attempts has increased in recent days.

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In particular, 151 foreigners tried to enter Poland illegally last Wednesday and 60 of them “returned after seeing Polish border patrols,” the country’s border guards said.

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