The addictive series with only 9 chapters which you won’t be able to stop watching

More and more users of streaming services are choosing short content to enjoy in one go. This is the case of this short series based on an unusual real case that you can find on the platform Netflix. The main actress and the production in general were nominated for such important awards as the Emmy Award or the Golden Globe. “Anna’s creation”.

Netflix: What’s ‘Anna Creation’ About

The story focuses on the case of Anna Delvey, a young woman of German descent, who manages to infiltrate the most privileged circle of New York society. In 2013, Anna moved to the United States and assumed the fictitious identity of a millionaire heiress with access to a fund of over $60 million.Narrates the summary according to the exciting site.

Her new identity led her to attend the most exclusive parties in Manhattan and to stay in the most luxurious hotels in the city. However, some Years later, she was found guilty of multiple counts of attempted fraud, utility theft, and second-degree robbery for defrauding hotels and wealthy New Yorkers.Description closes.

Netflix: What the critics said about ‘Anna’s Creation’

The real trick the series pulls from its sleeve is that It manages to be daring, strikingly entertaining, and more intricate and complex than meets the eyeAppreciate the BBC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter “It’s sometimes chaotic and often heavy – most seasons last about an hour – but She is also smart, cunning, and addictive“.

Netflix: How long is the ‘Inventing Anna’ miniseries

It has an extension 9 episodes with an average duration of about an hour.

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Netflix: The Cast of “Inventing Anna”

Julia Garner

Anna Chlumsky

Arian supporter

Designed by: Shonda Rhimes

Netflix: Trailer for “Inventing Anna”

Anna innovation | Official Trailer | Netflix

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