Banned from Steam due to describing his studio as “very positive” and confusing users with the feedback

The anonymous developer admits he did it on purpose, and thus his game has put together a community of nearly 8,000 players.

Spread the game on steam It’s something like a war. The competition is fierce and there are tons of designs with high-quality games; Faced with such a massive catalog, it is difficult to gain attention. This is what the protagonist tried, but we warn you spoiler: an error has occurred.

For this developer anything goes for attentionA developer has called up his studio ‘Very positive’, Which translated into Spanish would be “very positive”. You will get an idea of ​​what happened. Steam’s score system lets you rate the games you like. That way, Draws attention to players. In this creator’s games, what happens is that he puts “very positive” in the lines of the developer and publisher, and if we don’t look at it in detail, we can think that users have appreciated the game in question very well.

Blatant and legal strategy that has been discovered before GameDiscoverCo. But Steam managers weren’t very entertaining They have temporarily blocked the ad and his game, Emoji Evolution, cannot be found on the platform.

“I knew reviews had a huge impact on a customer’s decision. I noticed that the publisher / developer section It is very close to the reviews and has the same colorSo I decided to use it for my purposes, ”said that anonymous smart design In the data Deputy gate.

The creator of this trick said it would keep its followers informed if Steam raised the penalty. The funny thing is that Emoji Evolution, His game, got a “mostly positive” rating, although this little trick may have affected him directly, resulting in him gaining 7,900 followers on the platform.

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