Attainment of medical students in Olympiad

Students from the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of La Plata participated in the 6th Academic Olympiad for Medical Students in the clinical course organized by the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Koyo. They have been awarded 1st place in the clinical case for role playing and 1st place in solving clinical cases.

The team that participated and traveled on behalf of the college is made up of students: Luciana Guadalupe Amaya; Juliette Arellano; Nicholas Gabriel Bergna; Rafael Castro Naim Cozzali Guadalupe Estevez Natalia Elizabeth Frick Luisina Andrea Marletta and Melissa Trellini. They were accompanied by Dr. Santiago Gatti, Professor of Internal Medicine B.

Activities are developed within two days, over the weekend. The first day consisted of a multiple choice method and a written individual decision examination in pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, surgery and internal medicine. During the second day, the activities were divided into two parts, one being a subjective assessment and the other an objective assessment.

In the thematic part, it was a presentation of a case with different slogans. One invoked a reason for the consultation in which they had to formulate a diagnostic hypothesis, order complementary methods, select each method based on the results, and then propose a treatment algorithm. In this challenge, the college students got the first prize.

Then there was the “role game”, where students learn to use communication as a tool for the doctor-patient relationship.

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