At least two people have been killed in Kiev after Russia’s biggest assault on the Ukrainian capital since the spring

The Ukrainian capital came under missile attack from Russia during the early hours of the morning. (ap/file)

ukrainian capital, KyivOn Wednesday, the local authorities announced that they had been subjected to a missile attack. Two people died in the area ShevchenkivskyWhere a fire broke out due to falling debris.

“Missile attack.. forces Air Defense And the military department of the Kiev region at the end of the morning wrote on a telegram: “They are already working.”

Emergency services have moved to the southern region of Darnitskywhere they fell Missile debris Written on a commercial building Sergey PopkoHead of the city’s military administration.

“As a result of falling debris in the Shevchenkivsky district of Kiev (…) two people died, according to initial reports,” the official wrote.

Kiev’s anti-aircraft defense was activated during the early morning. (Europe Press)

reporter from France Press agency Several explosions were heard in central Kiev around 5 am local time (0200 GMT).

“Firefighters and rescue services are working to extinguish a fire in the Darnitsky district, which broke out after debris fell on the roof of a commercial building,” Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote on the Telegram app.

Today, Wednesday, the Ukrainian air defenses destroyed more than 20 drones and missiles And the authorities in Kiev denounced the largest attack on the capital “since the Northern Spring”.

The city’s military administration said, via the Telegram application, that the city was targeted by more than 20 missiles and drones, which were “destroyed by the air defense forces.”

He added that “Kiev has not seen such a strong attack since the spring.”

Kiev was subjected to the largest Russian attack since the spring. Favorite

The military administration in Kiev said that Russian forces launched “groups” of Iranian Shahed attack drones from different directions on the capital, which was also targeted by air force missiles.

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Earlier, the Russian aviation said it had destroyed “four high-speed military ships” in the area Black Sea around midnight MoscowHe said Russian Ministry of Defense In a statement Wednesday on Telegram.

It added that the boats were carrying “landing units of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces, with a total number of 50 people.”

The statement did not give details about where the incident took place in the Black Sea.

The Black Sea has become a focus of tensions since Russia suspended a deal to export grain from Ukraine.

And on the shores of the same waters, the Russian defenses repelled a “naval attack by drone” early Wednesday morning near the Kremlin Bay. Sevastopolon the attached peninsula CrimeaSaid the local governor Mikhail Razvozaev.

Kiev and Moscow have intensified their activity in the Black Sea since Russia distanced itself from the agreement sponsored by Russia. United nations And Türkiye To facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain through its waters.

Sevastopol is the base of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and the most important city in Crimea, a frequent target of attacks from Kiev.

Last week, Kiev claimed responsibility for a commando operation in the peninsula it annexed in 2014, during which its special units planted the national flag.

Also last week, Moscow claimed to have destroyed a reconnaissance ship in the Black Sea and a speedboat carrying Ukrainian troops near Sneaks Island in the same waters.

(Information from AFP)

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