Angry discontent with the woman Morena Real considers her mother

The media has a very close relationship with the Uruguayan businesswoman. (Images: Instagram screenshots/jackie.pato – moreerial)

The woman is you Morena SR Consider your mother Jackie Duckexploded with indignation at the press for the way many media outlets expressed it or In the networks they criticize the journalist’s daughter.

The influencer has a brotherly relationship with the Uruguayan businesswoman Based in Miami for years. Pato, whenever he can, comes out in defense of Morena O Help her somehow.

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What did Jackie Patou say about Morena Real

“I love Morena like a daughter would She loves me like my motherHe said in a video broadcast by LAM (America), but it’s actually a note on another show in Miami.

Businesswoman that has already been called Jacqueline PatokaShe said it was the only time she ever addressed the rumors that she was Morena’s real mother, which is already known. “(I will not speak) in an arrogant tone, but in a pitiful tone, because they wrote to me barbaric things. There is your truth and your truth, but the truth is one and no one knows it. But an opinion, a wound and Bullying is free, networking is free toodetained.

Jackie Pato is a Uruguayan businesswoman based in Miami. (photo: Instagram/jackie.pato)

Patou has been strong against those who dedicate themselves to writing against more on the networks. “I ban Because I have already made it clear: to whom I spoke badly of Morena, I blocked him and that’s it. It’s my account, my network, and whoever doesn’t like it is everyone’s problem.”

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Then he expanded: “They tell me:”Why don’t you go take care of Morena?I can’t leave the US, guys, because I’m changing status (referring to your residence in that country). If not, I’ll be there (in Argentina) with her. Don’t worry, no one is pointing a finger at me and telling me what What should I do and how should I do it.

The businesswoman also turned her sights on the media. “I’m here to take care of Morena’s You have to do the marketing And use a girl and make it over a ball. Because on top of that you go to the media, instead of taking care of it, and then they put the words out of context on Instagram, and it looks pathetic to me.”

Morena Real, pictured a few years ago with Jackie Patou. (photo: Instagram/jackie.pato)

In addition, he could see that from different places they were questioning Jorge Real as a father “It is disrespectful to someone who is performing a roleHe concluded, “Good, bad, I don’t know, or I know, but I reserve my opinion.”

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Around the end, he pointed directly at Morena. “She is a mother with a son And that you need to move on. That’s all I care about. The rest is rumors from ignorant people who see their plague and throw it at the little girl.”

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