An unusual revelation of a former Argentine partner of Ronaldinho: “He borrowed money because he did not know how to use an ATM”

Ronaldinho played a season in Queretaro, Mexico

Emmanuel Alexandre Villa He is an Argentine footballer, although he first appeared in Tornado And she had brief steps before Atletico Rafaela and Rosario CentralMost of his career was in Mexico. Atlas, Ticos, Cruz Azul, University Club, Tigres, Queretaro, Celaya It was the Aztec clubs that he passed through. In between, he played two seasons with Derby County from England.

Titusas it is popularly known, He is among the highlights of his career after playing no more and no less than RonaldinhoOne of the best soccer players in history. However, it wasn’t his fascination on the court that surprised him, but rather the amazing situation he faced when they were teammates. Queretaro.

“Ronaldinho did not know how to use an ATM”In an incredible tale, Tito tells Villa that he revealed it in a conversation with “Tiki Taka”.

Emmanuel Tito Vela, former Galos Blancos de Queretaro player (Image: Twitter / aztecasaztecas1)
Emmanuel Tito Vela, former Galos Blancos de Queretaro player (Image: Twitter / aztecasaztecas1)

“His brother had left for a trip to the United States. He needed 30,000 pesos to go to the accountant and tell him: “Hey, come back, you will not have 30 thousand pesos to lend me, because my brother left urgently and left me no money.”. The accountant answers: “Well, yes Ronal, I don’t have a problem, but If you want I can take you to the bank that you face, and there you have your account, you can have what you want’. Dinho tells him: “Can I take it out?”“.

Ronaldinho played for the Mexican national team during the 2014-15 season. After that, his final retirement from football will come in Fluminense (2015).

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“The tale is funny but speaks of an important ignorance. The 35-year-old didn’t know he could go to the bank and get his money, That is, he was always run by his brother, it was “how much do you need”, “a million pesos”, “well take it”. We didn’t even ask him for a credit card, imagine he didn’t know what a bank was. It is an anecdote that distinguished me with it,” Tito Vela admitted.

during their stay together, Led Villa and Ronaldinho to the Mexican Football Final To white cocks, but They fell in the decisive match against Santos Laguna.

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