How do we improve the mental and emotional well-being of everyone in the office? |

The past few years have not been easy, according to a survey by The Standard, during the Covid-19 pandemic, nearly half of workers admitted they had mental health problems. No one is immune to such challenges. Some leaders tend to prioritize the health of the company over their well-being, but the truth is that a company cannot thrive if its leaders are not physically and psychologically healthy.

This is why we share two key practices, as published by Entrepreneur, that prevent it from deteriorating and affecting business: being transparent and taking ownership.

Transparency: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It is a natural instinct to only share the good news and ignore the bad. A quick tour of social media will be a testament to that, and we’re seeing that in action too. Stories abound about exciting startups where everything seems to be going well.

As leaders, it is important to be transparent with team members and investors about the good and the bad. Not only is his lack unfair to the people he works with, but it also alienates him as a leader, making it even more difficult to ask for help. By freely sharing circumstances, you build trust with a team and give yourself the opportunity to learn from each other and identify creative solutions.

Take ownership of mistakes

The second key to maintaining good mental health as a leader is to take charge. When things go wrong, we often want to point the finger at someone else. However, successful leaders are those who take responsibility.

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To move forward, you have to look at the errors and recognize them. By doing this, you can see the importance of hiring people with integrity who inspire others to work hard.

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