AMD RX 7000 has idle power consumption issue

It is clear that in recent years, Advanced Micro Devices, better known as AMD, has made great strides with its products. From being technically bankrupt to being able to look your main competitors in the eye. but, AMD with your graphics cards Radeon 7000 when The problem has not been fixed for months.

We must say that AMD was several years ahead of Intel in the manufacture of modular processors. In the end, the monolithic design used by Intel proved completely inefficient and useless. Despite the initial problems, the company has made huge strides.

Similar happens with the company’s graphics cards. Since they’ve ditched the ill-fated Vega architecture for dedicated graphics cards, they’ve taken leaps and bounds. RDNA has proven to be a tough GPU design and in many ways is capable of taking on NVIDIA RTX.

A problem that has existed for months

Although the design of processors and graphics cards has improved a lot, they still have some problems. Specifically, the company continues to stumble in the drivers department, where they haven’t quite taken off yet. Even some solutions should, like the case of HYPR-X.

A few months ago, one of your consoles was giving birth Standby power consumption errors on AMD RX 7000. Specifically, when the graphics card is in sleep mode, it has abnormal consumption. It’s not excessive, we’re talking about it about 20-30 wattsEven if it is a little bit, it is consumption that does not do real work.

AMD promised to correct this error a long time ago, but it still exists to this day. he Adrenaline Driver 23.7.1 WHQL Partially corrects the problem. Although indicated, it corrects the problem of high consumption with screens 4K @ 144Hz resolution with FreeSync-This is not entirely true.

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ComputerBase wanted to verify this information. I have measured the consumption of a RX 7900 XTX And There is still an excess of energy consumption. The said abnormal consumption appears when the screen refresh rate is less than 144Hz in 4K resolution.

We can tell that AMD isn’t actually lying, as they seem to have fixed it at 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate or more. The problem is that most screens of this resolution have lower frequencies. Which generates that users have higher consumption than they should.

AMD software problems continue

One unfinished business for the company is providing drivers and tools that work right out of the box. The company works hard to make profits that live up to its products. This isn’t always easy, especially with the launch of Windows 11.

It should be remembered that Windows 11 is optimized specifically for Intel solutions. This is something Microsoft themselves have commented on, admitting that they have created this operating system for the new architecture of blue processors.

Yes, you have to worry that Windows 12 has a lot of AI integration. Currently, OS updates are like a kick in the real earrings. We don’t want to imagine how messy it will be with AI and everything it will touch. It is very likely that we will experience serious performance problems or misconfigurations because “the AI ​​says so”.

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