If you have a smart TV, this is the app you must install on your mobile phone

This application is perfect for you to be able to cast information from your mobile phone to your smart TV without problems.

Best alternative if you don’t have Chromecast

using Chromecast today Still very spot on. It is not less than that, as it makes our lives so much easier when it comes to passing our documents, videos or information from mobile phone or computer directly to TV. For this reason, today we present you CastTV, an application with very good ratings and supposedly one of the most solid chromecast applications, since it also allows us to use other protocols as we will see later.

CastTV: A much needed app

Set up Chromecast or any other protocol It is not always as simple as it might seem a priori.. Sometimes there is a bit of a problem, incompatibility between one support and another, etc. This is what CastTV wants to solve by existing Compatible with almost all types of supports currently in existence. Specifically with the following:

  • chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • DLNA
  • X-Box
  • Rocco

This way we can comfortably cast to our console or to any currently compatible device. Simply by being on the same Wi-Fi network, we can do this without any problem. A really useful function if we want to give our TV a more advanced use than we are used to.

In short, these are all the functions that we can use with CastTV, a very interesting alternative to ChromeCast if our TV is not compatible with a Google device. It has the following functions:

  • Cast to Chromecast.
  • Cast the web browser to the TV, so we can enjoy our favorite songs or videos directly on TV.
  • Local playback of videos.
  • Send pictures to TV.
  • Add play queue.
  • Play in random mode.
Various functions offered by Cast TV: screen mirroring and others

These are all functions that allow us to use “CastTV”, an option that must be taken into account

Yes, that’s right, yes, our TV It has chromecast built in This app becomes less useful, as we will have no problem sharing stuff from mobile. If the problem is that We don’t have a Chromecastthe truth is that it becomes a monstrous application that will allow us to significantly improve our quality of life in front of the TV.

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The application is available for download completely free Through the Google Play Store. with Over a million downloadsThe application maintains a small number of votes very positive More than four stars. Among the vulnerabilities in the application, users find that there are Lots of ads. Anyway, if we like the app, it has Premium feature To remove them and unlock other types of features in our app.

Download “CastTV” from the Google Play Store

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