Amazon has introduced Echo Frames, the new smart glasses with speakers that are compatible with Alexa

Amazon, the global online sales giant, announced… Renew your hardware display Which included new Android tablets, the second-generation Fire TV Stick 4K and 4K Max, which offer support for 4K content, and New Echo speakers, among other products.

Of all the ads, the most notable was this one Third generation echo framesThe company’s glasses are capable of recording voice commands.

These glasses, which differ from traditional glasses only in the thickness of the temples, They have a battery with six hours of continuous use of autonomywhich represents 40% more time for music and 80% more time for conversations compared to the previous version.

With moderate use, the glasses achieve about 14 hours of autonomy, according to Amazon. This means that they should only be used Hands free for callsor to Listening to music through speakers Direction indicators are hidden in its temples, which has also been improved compared to the previous version.

The glasses also allow you to talk to her Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant that’s now more conversationalthe ability to understand new instructions linked to previous instructions and remember the context in which they were spoken, ChatGPT or Bard style.

Optimized for outdoor use, the eyeglass microphones have multi-device Bluetooth support.

Alexa’s responses will come via the voice system, and all dialogue can be conducted without touching the glasses, which will go on sale in different designs. They can be purchased with or without polarized lenses for between $270 and $390 (in the US), with the ability to add glasses of different diopters, provided by Traditional Optics.

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