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You will definitely remember it ad From a new project Sonic by 2022 Confirmed this afternoon by SEGA. Well, now we have an interesting rumor about it.

In this case, include the information Main title, plot and game details. They are as follows:

  • The metadata for the new Sonic game trailer contains references to the term “Sonic Rangers,” indicating that this may be its title
  • In addition, this title will feature an “open world” in the style of Breath of the Wild and the following:

This episode includes the “spin cycle” feature and “cyberspace” guides. This same post indicates that the game is an open world title “full of little enemies, puzzles, and platform challenges.” Dealing with these obstacles “is rewarded with replaceable experience in the skill tree.” The skill tree unlocks skills, such as the “spin course” mentioned above. The main goal is to defeat the bosses spread across the open world. You get orbs to defeat them, and enough orbs give you access to “cyberspace” to play generational-style levels that, when completed, give you Emeralds. It will be necessary to collect all emeralds if you want to complete the game’s story.

What do you think? We’ll pay attention to more details.

Across. Across.

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