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The iOS 17 presentation during WWDC23 indicated that the update would focus on the display Great news in communication apps. naturally, Phone and FaceTime belong to this list. And this year, Apple decided to make up for lost time with a bunch of new features that we’ve already been able to use in the public beta available, ahead of the official launch in the coming months.

On the phone, Apple has improved the lock screen when a contact calls us with a new function called Contact stickers. The lock screen can be customized for each contact with a custom picture and some other features.

FaceTime allows you to create audio and video messages, if you call a contact who is not available-You can share a message that can be viewed later. We can too live reaction With hearts, balloons, fireworks, lasers, raindrops and much more, It can be activated with very easy gestures. Next we will tell you how each of these updates works.

What’s new in Phone and FaceTime in iOS 17

Contact poster

Contact poster

Apple has extended the use of contact stickers to the phone app

as in letters, Apple has extended the use of contact stickers to the phone app. And then users can create one for people to see when they call it up. To create it, you just need to follow a few steps.

  • Go to the application Contacts.
  • Select on your own name.
  • go to photo option And contact the label and press the button release.
  • You can choose between Camera, Photo, Memoji, or Monogram To type only your initials, so they see your contacts when you call them.
  • Drag horizontally to Style change.
  • Click on your name at the top To change its style, font, and color.
  • He presses ready in the upper right corner when you’re done.
  • Click the button Complete. he was there, You can set a profile picture for iMessage and other Apple services.
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Contacts application

A change has been made to the design of the Contacts app to make the Contacts banners more relevant. Now when selecting a contact, You’ll notice that the contact’s photo, Memoji, or initials take up more space on the screen. This also applies to contacts for whom you have set a personal picture.

Direct voicemail

iOS 17 Direct Voicemail interface

Live Voicemail transcribes the message as you dictate

Direct voicemail is a new feature that allows the iPhone to transcribe a voice message while the person on the other end is speakingso you can pick up the phone if it turns out to be something important.

Updated call log

Call history update is useful Lets you know if a missed call resulted in a voicemail. If so, you can go to that voicemail from the Recents interface.

Tones for each slide

Those who take advantage of the Dual-SIM feature now have the option to create different ringtones for each SIM and choose one SIM when calling back from an unknown number. There is also an option to sort incoming messages based on the SIM card.

confrontation time

FaceTime interactions

This is probably one of the funniest additions on iOS 17. The Messages app has had reactions triggered by certain words for quite some time now, and in iOS 17 they made their way to ‘FaceTime’. But instead of being provoked by words, Feedback is triggered through gestures.Gestures activate screen effects such as hearts, balloons, cardboard, fireworks, and more, and the effects flood the screen into the FaceTime‌ window. Depending on each gesture, the result is the following:

  • heart – heart emoji.
  • excellent – Awesome emoji.
  • Two thumbs up – fireworks.
  • Individual thumbs up – thumbs up emoji.
  • Two thumbs down – clouds.
  • Peace sign with one hand – balloons.
  • Peace sign with hands Colored scraps of paper.
  • The “Rock On” signal with two hands – laser.
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Audio and video messages

FaceTime video messages

FaceTime video messages

When someone “FaceTime” and can’t reply, You may leave a video or audio message depending on the communication method you used.After the missed call, you will see the “Record Video” option, which will allow you to compose a message. You’ll also get a preview of your video and the option to re-record if it doesn’t go well. The recipient can see the message on missed FaceTime calls, and come back from there to return the call.

FaceTime on Apple TV

FaceTime on Apple TV and iPhone

iPhone FaceTime calls extend to Apple TV

With ‌iOS 17‌ and tvOS 17, you can use ‌FaceTime‌ on ‌Apple TV‌. There is a new FaceTime app in tvOS 17, but to use it, you need an ‌iPhone‌ running iOS 17‌ or an iPad running iPadOS 17‌ to work as a camera because ‌Apple TV‌ doesn’t have a camera.

Results It’s basically the same as using FaceTime‌ on an iPhone‌, iPad‌, or Mac, but with a larger screen. The iPhone‌ must be near the TV to capture the video, and the person you are in a video call with will be shown on the TV.

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