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from Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Recovering. This has never been so good. Optimism is spreading. The economy is growing again, jobs are being created, and support for the government is increasing. The country seems to enter into New expansion cyclewhich presents Brazil with the left project for the coming years.

naturally, Haq did not give in to this. He would have resoundingly admitted defeat, abandoning his values ​​that barely concealed his interests. They had to admit that they had failed, having led the country and Brazilians through the worst moments of their lives.

They gossiped with slight and false remarks about Lula and his successful performances in Brazil and the world. They use the modes For this.

But the victorious Lula is not only disturbing the right, who believed that Lula was liquidated by imprisonment without evidence. It also disturbs the old left, which was defeated with the end of the Soviet Union, angered by the victory of the new left over it. Those voices that have historically been defeated by the failure and disappearance of the Soviet Union insist on maintaining a catastrophic vision. The success of Lula and the Workers’ Party represented that a new page had been turned in Brazilian history.

Lula defeats the disaster, and shows that Brazil can grow again, create jobs, and distribute income. Even with the heavy legacy of sky-high interest rates and a conservative Congress.

Lula’s optimism troubles both the right and the left. Instead of sharing the joy that Brazil is experiencing, the improvement in the living conditions of the masses of the population, the defeat of the right and the far right, he is annoyed by the success of Lula and the country.

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Lola’s success defeats disaster, that vision that if defeated, she would like that defeat to spread to other powers as well. They say we must be careful with Lola’s success, because that success will conquer disaster.

Lola is an optimist. After he had overcome all the troubles he had encountered in his life story, he could only become a person like that.

He conveys his optimism to people. And it leaves rightists and pessimists in a very difficult position. Because a country that has ruled again is a country that is growing economically, generating jobs, and positioning itself in the world as a country with prestige.

Lula is the face of Brazil.

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