AI-powered Photoshop lets you reconstruct the scene around album covers and classic memes

usually We connect artificial intelligence and images by creating new views from a description made of text, promoted by services such as Dall-E, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion: half of what we imagine and the algorithm reinterprets, which will be more or less real, depending on the conditions we imposed. But it can also be used as something playful, to reconstruct what isn’t there.

These tools have already been used for all sorts of purposes, and have won awards for the quality with which they produce images. And also, of course, lawsuits, from artists whose work has been used to train digital content generation engines (usually without explicit permission).

But just as these tools can be used to create new works (other than how much was created by the human artist and how much is digital), so they have also been used to transform classic works, restoring the context not seen, but imagined, or guess what, around the picture frame. For example, recreate the rest of the room where “Pearl girl‘, the protagonist of a portrait painted by Johannes Vermeer between 1665 and 1667 and that was one example that Dall-E used to View a function called outpaintingand this expands the canvas in some way with a digital reconstruction.

Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, reinterpreted by Dall-E

Photoshop has, for a few days, something similar: a function called Generative Fill, which is part of the company’s commitment to artificial intelligence (Firefly, its platform for creating images, could be Try online for free). The feature can be tested in the beta version of the new Photoshop, and it didn’t take long for users to find creative alternatives to this tool.

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In particular, a Twitter user Lawrence Green He posted a thread showing the “out of frame” of several photos illustrating the cover art of various classic albums, such as excitementby Michael Jackson Twenty onenapkins. Born in the United StatesWritten by Bruce Springsteen; also Teenage dreamBy Katy Perry, among others. Some of them are made by him, others from @employee.

Adele’s 21st album cover reimagined using artificial intelligence
Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” album cover has been reimagined using artificial intelligence
Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA album cover, reimagined with artificial intelligence

The tool itself also served to rethink the context of many of the most famous memes, reversing the basic function of photography, i.e. cropping, composing, and framing that serves to show and highlight one thing and, at the same time, disguise another. In this case, the nice thing about an idea Linus Ekenstam Is that many of the memes belong to videos where the environment in which they were recorded is appreciated, and therefore it can be seen how artificial intelligence sometimes succeeds in a general reconstruction, and in other cases it imagines an environment that does not exist.

Something similar, but on a smaller scale, Google announced a few weeks ago the reformatting of images stored in its Google Photos service; The tool, called Magi Editor, has less artistic aspirations, but takes advantage of generative artificial intelligence to recreate missing elements of an image that allow frame modification.


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