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The center of many national and international scandals, the creator of unforgettable television disputes and the owner of one of the most powerful characters on the Argentine small screen, Yanina Laturi He continues talking in front of and behind the camera.

That is, far from Morning angels After a long day at work, returning to her huge home in a private neighborhood of Pilar, Committee member from ElTrece He opened the doors of his house He showed one of his favorite environments: his room.

Months ago, Yanina showed big details on the interior of her home, and also shared it on social networks Wonderful renovations he was making in his apartment In Capital Federal, a space he left empty after he settled in the family home due to the pandemic.

Now, the media has shared with her over a million and a half followers what her bedroom looks like, the one she shares with her husband. Diego Latore. In fact, at the time, the former soccer player was working in a comfortable dark wood desk with drawers and a matching chair.

In addition, he had an LED light to enhance pictures, decorations on the table and a lamp to light up his notes and notebook, with which he was searching for some specific data for his future comments on the football matches being broadcast on TV.

On one side, on the white ceramic floor, is a harmonious massive circular armchair, loaded with cushions of shades. minusE, and that at that time his pet was using it as a bed.

LA ANGELITA has a large armchair inside its bedroom

It should be noted that all the colors in the room – and in the house – are harmoniously combined in white, gray, beige and pastel, so that the warm home aesthetics can be appreciated by leaving the huge white doors open.

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On the other hand, the atmosphere was so broad that Yanina also put a low square table, which she left laden with candles, books and shoe boxes with personal items inside. Underneath it is a gray carpet separating the cold from the floor in case you want to lie on the sofa and put your feet on something soft and at room temperature.

Yanina and DIEGO LATORRE share a luxurious room in their huge house in Pilar

The bed not only doubles up with a backrest, sheets, and pillows that matched the rest of the space, but it also had a gray bedside seat, which was chock full of accessories, bags, and criminals’ clothing. Likewise, it is strategically located to enjoy the huge TV and next to it is a giant standing mirror.

In addition, the room has a private bathroom to preserve the privacy of the spouses and not having to leave the room to access the best amenities, and it has a large sliding window door that allows access to a balcony overlooking the huge patio.

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