Netflix: US users canceling due to no-passwords policy

Netflix She’s in trouble, she applied her policy Do not share passwords in the United Statesand the Users have started canceling their accounts.

From Tuesday, May 30, Netflix has informed its US users that they cannot share accounts for freewith people who lived outside your home.

Netflix’s no-sharing password policyIt also applies to other regions such as Latin America, and countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain.

Netflix He sent emails to his clients in the US, notifying them that they could add an additional member to their family, for $8 a month (roughly 144 pesos).

Technology journalists and users complained on Twitter about the new security measure. Netflix.

Some of the main complaints focused on the fact that the content Netflix Not very attractive, so that you have to pay extra bills. Others said this might have worked, at first, when it was only Netflix.

Other users have said, by far, Netflix It was the most expensive streaming service of the current offering.

It is expected that there will be a decrease in the number of users after the application of this policy. US firm Jefferies found that 62% of people who share passwords would stop using the streaming platform, rather than pay for the extra account.

Netflix It is suggested to move a person’s profile so that the user keeps viewing history and recommendations.

People in the same household will be able to continue to share the same Netflix account and will be able to use it on multiple devices when they travel, the company explained in a blog post.

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In mid-May, Netflix announced that its low-cost accounts, which show commercials, already had nearly 5 million active users worldwide. Jeremy Gorman, head of global advertising at Netflix, said the average age of these viewers is 34.

With information from Reuters.

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