A woman is compensated after she is fired for not going to a meeting on her day off

A judge ruled on a British college To compensate the dismissed teacher for not attending a school meeting on her day off with more than €19,000. The teacher justified her absence because she had to take care of her mother, who had cancer, in addition to the fact that it was her day off.

Unfair dismissal

The judge justified in the ruling that the dismissal of Jacqueline Domijan – the teacher – It was inappropriateTherefore, have been condemned to manage the center to compensate them. The teacher has been teaching piano and singing at ‘The Mount School’ in Edgerton, in Huddersfield, for 24 years.

The center confirms that it sent an email to Jacqueline informing her of an appointment duty on her day off. The teacher justified that she could not attend the meeting because He had a family engagement in advance, as his mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 90.

The director of the center did not accept it

Jacqueline’s email angered the foundation’s director, Christopher Sellers, who responded to her letter succinctly. She accepted the resignation after being reminded that the call was “not optional”.. After the class, Jacqueline made the decision to sue her old school They demand compensation at just over 10,000 euros. Although Judge Amir Jalil, who is assigned to look into the case, indicated that this amount was not sufficient due to the damage caused to the teacher, he doubled the amount that was awarded to the school.

The judge justified that the school administration Didn’t bother contrasting Reasons for refusing to attend the call. It was also not taken into account that the teacher is on a part-time contract I was off on MondayThe date of his recall, according to Daily Mail Media.

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