He took a DNA test for fun and discovered a truth that devastated him: “My family was ruined.”

A 19-year-old boy underwent a DNA test With one goal: to have fun. However, the results did much more than that. He commented, “My whole family was devastated.” The protagonist whose identity has not been revealed. Just 80 euros – just over 17,000 pesos at the official exchange rate – the man got a genealogical test that, instead of eliciting laughter, ended up revealing a dark family secret that was buried in the past at the time.

As mentioned womanOnce the results arrived, the young man decided to enter the relatives section to watch his matches. At that moment I realize it He has only shared 29.2 percent of his DNA with whoever he thinks is his biological father. “It didn’t make sense to me, because we also share a paternal haplogroup and look so much alike, so my dad definitely was,” said the young man.

The results, up until that point, seemed meaningless. However, he explained another strange coincidence in the tests: She shared 24.6 percent of her DNA with her cousin. This number alarmed the young man, because his cousins ​​generally agree with only about 12 percent.

Although it occurred to him that there might be an inaccuracy in the percentages or an error, he ultimately chose the simplest hypothesis: “The only realistic explanation for what I was seeing This was my paternal uncle To my cousin and father’s brother, he is my fatherThe prospect of it being his cousin was a blow to him. After absorbing the information and giving way to anger, He went looking for answers Which, according to him, only his mother could give him. without thinking twice, He takes the DNA results, shows them to his mother and directly asks her if she cheated on her father with Uncle David.

A DNA test revealed a family secret that changed everything (illustrative image)pixels

I told him everything: the audition, the lineage, and the coincidences DNAeveryone! My mother fell to the ground crying and begging me not to tell my father.The subject continued with his story. After finding out the truth about his real father, the person hurried to call his cousin—actually a half-sister—and later, his uncle David—the real father—came to the house asking what had happened. At that time, the young man had no choice. Except to confront him as well: “He didn’t say anything after he calmed down. He left the room and closed the door.

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The news came A heated argument between his parents According to him also A physical confrontation between his uncle and who he believes to be his father. It was all the ‘chaos’ that occurred behind his room door.

A young man took a DNA test for fun and the result changed his family (illustrative image)pixels

he the collapse of his family aroused feelings of guilt in him; However, he does not fully regret having undergone this test The DNA that changed your life and all of its immediate environment. The young man concluded, “If I had spent my birthday money on something else, none of this would have happened, but another part of me is glad to know the truth.”

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