‘It’s a new sport’: first MMA combat in space will face fighters in zero gravity in ‘Galactic Combat’


April 30, 2021 12:03 GMT

“This is not just a show. It’s a new sport, a new sporting competition in outer space,” said Andrea Ervolino, the filmmaker who made the proposal.

The first MMA battle in space may be closer than previously thought, in what appears to be the start of a series of entertainment productions set outside of land borders.

Production company Iervolino Entertainment and Space 11 announced the creation Battle of the GalaxyA new form of mixed martial arts battles that will take place in space with zero gravity, Report Fast Company portal.

The competition will start with 40 fighters from all over the world Those who train and learn to fight in the absence of gravity have programs and conditioning similar to those used by astronauts in their training. 32 contestants will be knocked out during training, leaving eight to compete in the final exams.

Only two finalists will catch a rocket and go to space, where the final battle is taking place, While the spacecraft orbits the Earth for a period of 90 minutes, Which is the time it takes for a rocket to orbit the planet. Inside the aircraft will be a specially designed combat capsule.

The series is scheduled to last 12 months, from initial training to Ultimate combat in Earth’s orbit. In that period, there will be 24 one-hour episodes and 12 additional live episodes for fans who want to follow the courses spread throughout the duration.

Former mixed martial arts fighter, John Lewis, has been hired as Vice President and Promoter of ‘Galactic Combat’. The series is currently in pre-production and hopes to air in 2023.

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“This is not just a show. It is a new sport, a new sporting competition in outer space,” said film producer and businessman Andrea Ervolino in his exhibition. The account From Twitter.

Space 11 was created by Iervolino for Take entertainment beyond wild borders, By planning cinematic, television and web content, as well as live events to be filmed in outer space.

The company’s advisory board includes professionals who have served as employees of Elon Musk’s Space-X and the GAL Hassin International Astronomical Center. Advertise Airvolino Entertainment.

Satellite entertainment continues to attract fans in Hollywood. Tom Cruise will star in A. Feature film From Universal to be shot entirely in space, in collaboration with Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

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