A study revealed that brands involved in women’s sports attract more consumers

According to a study by the Women Sport Trust (WST) published in the United Kingdom, the public shows a greater preference for brands that sponsor women’s sports.

A study conducted by the Women’s Sport Trust (WST) in the UK revealed that the public shows a greater preference for brands that sponsor women’s sports. 16% of the British population are more likely to buy products from brands that support women’s sport, compared to 13% who support men’s sport. The survey also highlighted that 60% of people think brands should invest in sports for both men and women.

Similarly, exclusive agreements for women have proven effective in attracting new audiences and increasing brand affinity. 29% of people have a more positive opinion of companies that sponsor women’s sports, compared to 17% who are in favor of men’s sports.

O2’s successful sponsorship of the England rugby team, known to 14.6 million people, and Coca-Cola’s sponsorship of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, known to 14.4 million people, were cited as examples in the study. In addition, new sponsors of women’s sports are increasing brand affinity, especially among women.

For community and grassroots sports activities, it has been shown to have a positive impact on brand awareness, with 47% of people believing that these actions have a positive impact. Another 45% believe that initiatives that promote sustainability and the environment generate empathy in the public, increasing the brand’s consumption potential.

Finally, fans also expect brands to celebrate athlete excellence in the field, with 38% believing brands should produce content that encourages the excitement of the sport.

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