A science fiction comedy that shows the dreams and nightmares of the future

Set in the retro-futuristic world, “Hello Tomorrow!” Centers on a group of street vendors selling lunar time subscriptions. (Camel)

hello tomorrow! It is a science fiction series + AppleTV The film is set in a retro-futuristic world where a group of hawkers dedicated to selling timeshares on the moon. The plot combines the ideals and dreams of the 1950s in the United States with futuristic space invasions and the mechanization of jobs.

With much irony, the narrative shows an ideal world in which the flaws of the system appear little by little. These remarks, which are generally humorous, announce what will little by little be the center of the series and that means that all is not as good as it seems. It is not only a social description, but also a look at the nature of people outside of time and space.

A decade of the 1950s and space conquests, this is the background of the series. (AppleTV+)

The leader of this group of salespeople is Jack Billings (Billy Crudup) an enthusiast who is able to persuade anyone to sell his product. No one can resist her charm and solid arguments. But an unexpected development will lead him to sell those time shares in the city where his son lives, from which he moved away years ago. Without telling you who you are, it will add you to the selected group of sellers.

But the perfect wonder Jack sells isn’t quite what it seems and that’s the other big struggle hello tomorrow! When the viewer understands what Jack really plans to do, an intrigue that is one of the main attractions of the series and in which its greatest interest lies finally opens, after the amazing aesthetics have already been installed.

Billy Crudup between comedy and drama: an emotional journey in “Hello Tomorrow!”. (AppleTV+)

The protagonist of the series is Billy Crudup, the protagonist big fish (2003), Tim Burton, and part of the cast watch man (2009), Every pray love (2010), on the first page (2015) and Justice League (2017). His personality makes the most of his friendly and charismatic face with a sinister side that gradually emerges as the seasons go by as we learn more about the character.

The balance between comedy and drama works well, and the twists are what make the connection to the progression episode after episode flawlessly. In science fiction, the series asks the viewer to be too forgiving to accept some notorious bumps. Other than that, Hello Tomorrow is an exciting plot and family drama with a lot of humor and sarcasm.

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