A psychopath escaped from Castro Rendon and appeared in Chalaco

Neuquen Police have received information that a person with characteristics similar to the wanted person has been seen in that area. Thus began the sabotage process, which ended with positive results.

One of the Krashians interviewed by the forces confirmed that he saw a person near the Chalako shelter school, where the police went on Friday night because the alarm had gone off.

At around 2 p.m. last Saturday, at 1301 km of National Road 22, they noticed a man walking in the open field on the south side of the road, heading west.


The psychiatric patient, surnamed Yanez, had already escaped from the hospital in August 2020.

The uniformed officers proceeded to get to know this person and at that point verified that it was Yannise. Who was wanted by the Personal Security Directorate for three days.

The man was transferred to the sixth police station in Plaza Huincole, where the necessary procedures were completed.

They admitted from Neuquen police and the hospital where the psychiatric patient was admitted, that this was not the first time that Yaniz had escaped from health facilities. The last time he managed to escape was in August 2020.

The hours in which the psychiatric patient disappeared were largely uncertain, because the direction he took was unknown. It surprised locals and strangers that it was found several kilometers from the capital, Neuquen, considering that he left the hospital on foot and with what he was wearing.

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