Brexit: Brussels is taking legal action against the United Kingdom for a second time for violating the Brexit agreement

Brexit: Brussels is taking legal action against the United Kingdom for a second time for violating the Brexit agreement

Urged London to correct before the end of the month

Brussels, March 15, 2021 (Europa Press) –

On Monday, the European Commission launched a violation file against the United Kingdom for failing to comply with the deal negotiated to avoid Brexit, a measure it has activated for the second time in six months against London when it considers it violating the agreement. Terms of separation.

On Monday, Brussels will send the formal notification letter starting the process which, ultimately, could represent the UK before the European Union’s Court of Justice if the parties do not agree before the dispute is resolved.

Consequently, the European Union Executive Director is reacting to the Boris Johnson government’s decision to extend a unilateral “grace period” until October 1 for customs control of food or agricultural products arriving in Northern Ireland, in contravention of the provisions of the protocol designed between London and Brussels. To protect the Good Friday Peace Accords in Ulster.

The European Union considers the UK action “unacceptable” and insists, as it did last time, that a divorce agreement is a treaty that would also violate international law.

For this reason, the committee decided to initiate an infringement procedure, which in its first stage gives British authorities a period of one month to respond to the request for clarification and take “immediate corrective actions to restore compliance with the Protocol”.

If the differences are not resolved in that first contact, the community executive will take the next step which includes a rational opinion to insist on changes and which will give the Brits a similar period of time to respond.

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In the third and final case, without prior agreement, the matter will be referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union, despite the insistence of community sources that the European side prefers a “dialogue solution” that arrives before the case is brought before the European Court of Justice. .

The same sources state that although the UK is already a third country, European justice is still competent to adjudicate possible breaches of the agreement, as it is part of the tools stipulated in the convention itself.

In parallel with the legal procedures, Brussels also chose to send a “political” message to London, via a letter signed by the Vice President of the European Commission responsible for overseeing compliance with agreements with the United Kingdom, Marus Sivkovic, in which he called on the Johnson government to “correct” and refrain from applying the rules Violation of the agreement.

In the text sent to the minister responsible for monitoring Brexit, David Frost, ivkovic criticizes the unilateral actions as a “violation of the good faith obligation” of Article 5 of the Withdrawal Treaty and calls on his counterpart to resume talks in the meantime. Within the framework of the joint committee’s work to search for “mutually agreed solutions” before the end of March.

Sivkovic said in a statement, “We agreed together on the protocol as the only way to protect the Good Friday agreements. Together, we are obligated to comply with them,” and he also warned that its unilateral breach of it “undermines confidence.” in the UK.

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