A new drone attack has damaged two buildings in downtown Moscow linked to a wealthy figure close to the Kremlin.

The mayor confirmed damage to two buildings in the financial center of the capital

a Drone hit with building Under construction in the complex Moscow citythe capital’s financial district, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, which blamed Ukraine for the attack.

According to the Russian report, the device “was neutralized by electronic warfare, and when it lost control of it, it was destroyed.” I crashed into a building“.

The capital’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, said that several windows in two buildings were damaged, and that emergency services were checking the place. “Several windows were blown out in a nearby five-story building. injuriessaid the local council member.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment of collision. Local press agency RIA Novosti It had reported a short time ago that there had been an “explosion” in this financial district, located west of the capital. About 5 kilometers from the Kremlin.

Damage to the skyscraper as a result of the drone collision (Reuters)

As reported telegraphThe affected building is a skyscraper called Moscow towerswhich was purchased in 2017 by Grigory Baevsky, business partner of Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, billionaire childhood friends of Putin. The British newspaper added that in 2016 it was revealed that Bayevsky had sold or transferred luxury real estate to women linked to the Russian president, including his alleged daughter Katerina Tikhnova, gymnast Alina Kabaeva and her grandmother.

Destroy Russian air defense systems and two more drones in the Mozhaysky districts, 12 km from the center, And in KhimkiThe ministry said that the area is about twenty kilometers from the Kremlin. The official news agency said that air traffic at the international airports of Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo was briefly disrupted. TASSCiting emergency services.

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In recent weeks, Russian territory has been subjected to almost daily drone attacks, especially in Moscow and its region, although they do not usually cause human losses or significant damage.

In recent days, Ukraine has intensified drone strikes against the Russian hinterland, both against Moscow and neighboring regions in southern Russia.

The Defense Ministry said the attack took place in Olenivka, in Crimea.

Ukraine announced that it had destroyed a large Russian missile system in Crimea.

The destruction of the Russian S-400 system in occupied Crimea”, the Ukrainian intelligence service said on Telegram. “As a result of the explosion, the facility itself, the missiles installed on it and its workers were completely destroyed,” he added.

The video shows the moment of the powerful explosion near the town of Olenivka.

(Information from AFP and Reuters)

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