A neurosurgeon investigating a patient’s mysterious symptoms has removed a worm from her brain

Worm removed at Canberra hospital (via AP)

A neurosurgeon is investigating Mysterious symptoms for women In an Australian hospital he said so A wriggling worm is extracted from the patient’s brain.

surgeon Hari Priya Pandey A biopsy was performed through a hole in the skull Patient 64 years old at Canberra Hospital last year when he used forceps Remove the 8 cm long parasite.

“I thought:” What is this? It doesn’t mean anything. But he is alive and moving“” Pandey told the paper on Tuesday. The Canberra Times.

“He has continued to move aggressively. We are all a little frustrated,” Pandey added of his operations team.

The creature was A roundworm larva native to Australiacalled Ophidacaris robertsi, which Until now it was not known to be a human parasite. These worms are common in carpet snakes.

The worm was still wriggling (via AP)
The worm was still wriggling (via AP)

Infectious disease physician Pandey and Canberra, Sanjaya Senanayake, authored an article on this exceptional medical case published in the latest issue of the journal Emerging infectious diseases.

Senanayake said he was on duty at the hospital in June last year when the worm was found.

I got a call saying:We have a patient with an infection problem. We just removed a live worm from this patient’s brain.Senanayake explained.

The woman was hospitalized after three months of forgetfulness and depression. Scans are shown changes in your brain.

A year earlier, he had been admitted to his local hospital, in the south east of New South Wales, with symptoms such as: Abdominal pain, diarrhea, dry cough, and night sweats.

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A brain biopsy is expected to reveal cancer or an abscess, Senanayake said.

“This patient has been treated for mysterious disease This in the end We thought it was an immune conditionBecause we couldn’t find the parasite before, and then, all of a sudden, This large lump appeared at the front of his brainSenanayake said.

Suddenly, with Bandy’s pliers, he became… Fucking this thing that wriggles. She and everyone present remained in the operating room Totally surprisedSenanayake added.

Pandey said his patient regained consciousness after removing the worm without any negative consequences.

Morelia spelota, which lives in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, known as carpet snake or diamond python (Wikimedia Commons)
Morelia spelota, which lives in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, known as carpet snake or diamond python (Wikimedia Commons)

“She was so grateful to have an answer to what had been causing her trouble for so long,” Pandey said.

Six months after the worm was removed, The patient’s neuropsychiatric symptoms improved but persistedaccording to the magazine article.

Senanayake said the patient was sent home shortly after the operation with deworming medication and has not returned to the hospital since. “It’s fine, however Since this is a new infection we are watching it closelySenanayake told Ten Network TV.

The worms’ eggs are often thrown into the snakes’ droppings, which contaminate the grass that the small mammals eat. The life cycle continues when snakes eat other mammals.

The woman lives near the carpet snake’s habitat and fodder for native plants called fighting greens (New Zealand spinach) for cooking.

Although he was not in direct contact with snakes, Scientists hypothesis is that she ate plant eggs or from their contaminated hands.

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