How to customize your alarm using Spotify

Although Spotify does not have this function built-in, it is possible to activate it with the help of third-party applications. (Europe Press)

Wake up to the rhythm of music Spotify Now it is possible. Although the streaming platform does not have this function by default, you can use other applications available for both devices Android also Manzana.

The apps with this tool enabled allow the user to select the song they need to wake up with all the energy.

The easiest way to use Spotify Acts as an alarm on the device Manzana It involves using the application morning, available exclusively on the App Store. Although it offers paid features, it can be used for free to set Spotify songs as an alarm. It is also compatible with free accounts Spotify.

To set the alarm, the user simply has to indicate the time he wants to wake up and then select the music service he prefers, in this case Spotify, although it is also compatible with Apple music.

The app is only available for iOS. (morning)

Next, you have to choose the song you want to play at the exact moment you wake up, choosing it from your favorite albums and playlists. The application contains “Nap” to allow the user to extend his rest time for an additional period. It also provides the option to allow the song to continue playing and/or turn off the alarm directly.

There is another option to set Spotify as an alarm on a device iPhone This is done through automation. The iPhone features a built-in automation tool called Shortcuts, which integrates more seamlessly with Apple Music than it does with Spotify.

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In fact, there are no predefined shortcuts specifically designed for Spotify. Although some users have created custom shortcuts to use Spotify as an alarm clock in the past, unfortunately, these custom shortcuts have disappeared over time and are no longer available.

Alternatively, you can use Ift, an automation tool available on the web that can be installed as an app on iPhone and Android devices. Within the app itself, users will find options related to Spotify.

Iftt is a tool that allows you to automate tasks. (hypertext)

To set an alarm, “Play a Spotify song when the clock reaches a certain hour.” As its name suggests, this tool allows you to play Spotify music as an alarm at the specified time. However, it is important to note that this method requires a subscription Spotify Premium for work.

For those users with Android devices, as of 2018, Spotify is integrated into the app Google watch, which usually comes pre-installed in the operating system. This means that if you use Google Clock app alarms to wake up every morning, you have the option to add songs from Spotify to make waking up more pleasant.

The process is relatively simple and applicable to both Spotify and YouTube Music. This works with free Spotify accounts, so there’s no need to get a Premium subscription.

To configure Spotify As an alarm clock on an Android device through the Google Clock application, you must follow the following steps:

1. Open the Clock app on your Android device.

2. Go to the “Alarm” section.

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3. Create a new alarm and set the time and days it will be activated.

4. Tap the “Default” option to set the alarm sound.

5. In the “Alert sound” section, select “Spotify“.

6. If Spotify isn’t installed, Google Clock will help install it.

7. The app will ask the user to log in to their Spotify account. You must click “Sign in” to continue.

Google Watch also connects to YouTube Music. (Google)

8. Follow the instructions provided to link your Spotify account to the app Google watch.

9. Once you link accounts, your favorite podcasts and songs will be displayed within the Google Clock app.

10. Use the search icon to find the specific song you want to set as your alarm.

Eleven. Once you’ve selected the song, simply tag it. Your alarm will now be set to play music from Spotify. The user can choose a song, album, podcast or playlist as per their preference.

Through these steps, you can enjoy your favorite Spotify song as an alarm clock on your device Android.

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