A local network of migrants has created a space for solidarity in Rosario: what is it about and how to help

Marlon Oliveira arrived in Rosario from San Gabriel (Porto Alegre, Brazil) 23 years old in 2017. He is a physical education teacher and musician, but above all he inherited from his father the role of social reference, organizing for communication, sharing culture, and helping. So With other immigrants in the city, it resulted in a “Winter Solidarity” meeting.

Today, Marlon is 29 years old and heads that unite group A popular bowl, with physical, artistic and cultural activities. In addition, at the end of the year, since November, they collect toys to distribute to boys and girls at Christmas.

The Winter of Solidarity started with 13 volunteers, mostly young immigrants who arrived in the city From Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Paraguay, Peru, Chile and Canada. The organization has grown and there are now over 70, According to what Marlon said Rosary 3. The municipal council also announced its interest in the initiative.

We immigrants always try to cooperate and be an active part of our society, From different fields of performance, I have a degree in Physical Education and a Musician. This year’s “Winter of Solidarity” has brought together more than seven immigrant nationalities, everything is a contribution to our city Rosario that we love so much “, emphasized the creator of the group.

The most recent outbreak occurred in July in the Emmaus neighborhood. They added a health ward for the primary care of the neighborhood residents. The work began in April with the parties to collect food and this process ends on Saturday, at 6:00 pm in Italy 773, with a meeting between all who were part of the Solidarity Movement.

“We are a group with great cultural diversity, and we have different languages ​​and countries. But we meet to do so. I’ve been doing it since 2014 in my home town, San Gabriel, and when I came to Rosario in 2017, in the area of ​​Boulevard Seguy and Castellanos, I started organizing it, first house by house and then it grew. Marlon recalls: We did our first event in 2020.

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For him and his companions, among them for example Roby Gleizel, the young Haitian who presented his book Papillon Noa (The Black Butterfly) at the recent local exhibition, It’s a way to “be a part of this city and its community.” Emphasizing that immigration, in addition to being a right, can nourish and enrich societies.

Marlon is clear about his goal: “I feel it is my duty to cooperate, to help the welfare of the community in which I live.” through sUse of social networks And those Winter SolidarityAnd invites anyone who wishes to join or donate to participate.

Marlon with a board interest statement.

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