A Canadian teacher who worked in Peru compared teacher salaries and benefits in both countries

Do you know how much a teacher earns in Canada? Video: TikTok @veroniqueangers

Historically, teaching in Peru It has not been characterized as one of the best paid or valued professions within the public system, on the contrary, on more than one occasion Teachers have denounced the lack of support from the state They demanded an increase in the salaries they receive monthly.

This fragility of Peru’s educational system is most evident when comparing the salaries received by professionals in the same field in other countries.

And so the teacher who was working at Peru But who today holds the same position in it? Canada This surprised more than one person because of the huge difference in salaries between one country and another.

Through video Tik TokUser @veroniqueangers shared her experience as a teacher and explained The type of payroll used by the Canadian system.

The teacher explained that these salaries apply to public schools in the province of Quebec, as each province administers different rewards.

The netizen explained that when she started working as a teacher in… CanadaThe system will take into account your years of study to determine which salary scale you will be appointed to. “Most people will start with scale 3 (and gain) a little bit from it 53 thousand Canadian dollars annuallyHe said, “Our salaries are annual.”

TikTok user @veroniqueangers explained the difference between teacher salaries in Canada and Peru. Photos: taken by @veroniqueangers

On the other hand, she explained that she started at a slightly higher level because she had more years of experience. Technical studies related to special education. He pointed out that “according to your experience, it increases.”

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In this sense he mentioned that these people who worked Replacement of teachers throughout their studies Their experience will be taken into account when calculating. The young teacher also announced that the two and a half years she worked in Peru were counted, even though she initially thought she had “lost years of experience.”

It’s worth noting that there are 16 salary scales in Quebec, according to @veroniqueangers’ TikTok video. The minimum is CAD$46,527, while the maximum is CAD$92,027 and it is possible to reach this amount with approximately 13 years of experience in education. “It obviously goes up with inflation and all that, because when I started all the salaries were much lower,” he added.

The netizen explained to the platform users that salaries Yes, they are subject to taxesHowever, this money is reflected in health Because in that area of ​​the country people don’t pay for private health insurance or homeschooling the young.

“Primary and secondary education is free,” he said in quotes. Funded by taxes.

As expected, comments on the video – which has so far received more than 34,000 views – were immediate. Some users Tik Tok They emphasized that they are “paying much better than they used to.” Uses“or that” in Peru There is no salary adjustment Economic inflationHowever, others also took the opportunity to voice some concerns.

“How much do you have left over after paying taxes each month?”, “What percentage do they take in taxes?”, or “What are the requirements for working there?” Here are some questions. Questions that are read in the post.

A special education teacher in Canada detailed her reasons for leaving the classroom in Peru. Video: TikTok @veroniqueangers

In another video, @veroniqueangers, a special education teacher at CanadaHe also explained why he decided Leaving the classroom in Peru.

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“The main reason is directly related to my profession. In fact I find that The education system in Peru is very weakI am not the only one who thinks so, but I point above all to the humanitarian aspect, to the support it provides Ministry of education It gives students with learning problems, who have conditions and needs, real support as if there was none. “At least I didn’t watch it, and I was teaching in a private school. I can’t even imagine it in a public school.” Tik Tok.

He added that during his experience in Peru, he had 30 students in the same class. “Forget about quality teaching when you have a lot of students together, it can’t be that.”

Likewise, he determined that nine hours of studying a day was too much, combined with only 15 and 20 minute breaks. “Here in Canada we have an hour and a half for lunch (…) There in Peru I get what Gastritis“I’ve never seen that before,” he commented.

Finally, he stressed that there is no diagnosis for students suffering from conditions such as: Dyslexia, Autism And other conditions, which means there is no intervention or support and many students cannot pass the tests satisfactorily. “For a special education teacher, it was very traumatic to see my students withdraw and not be able to do anything,” she said.

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