Rewrite the Canadian Force Achievements book at the World Junior Arena

Edmonton – Hockey gets people excited about a defensive player like Owen Power. Something screams a pillar or a brick. A player who can balance an absolute right. Something not even a buffalo knife can prove.

A great young goalkeeper from the youth of the world? We saw them play in the WJC, but we couldn’t get to the next stage. Each Roberto Luango has two or three Jeff bottles, a sock per load and Justin Bose.

An elite pioneer like Mason McDuish? Hey, don’t get me wrong. The Anaheim Ducks didn’t complain about the progress of this year’s WJC event, and Trevor Zycross, who was here a year ago, showed up.

However, the strength is different. Defenders are different.

It seems that the world that did not become a 1,000 Defender for a 25-minute NHL run doesn’t exist now.

This is Chris Bronker. It’s Alex Beatronzalo.

He’s a rare number one defender who will one day set the pace for NHL games like Larry Robinson or Brad Park.

“Pass, skate, shoot, it speaks for itself. He’s one of the elite,” said Canada coach Dave Cameron, who became the first Canadian defender to win the World Youth Treble to beat Power Sekiah 6-3. The total balance it brings. He can even keep the hinges, he did it at Worlds, he did it in Michigan, he did it here now at World Juniors.

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“Being able to play that high-performance game in silence. I don’t know if you can teach him.

to teach?

The set of energy assets is not described in any textbook, nor is it described in any educational exercise.

Can You Teach Six Foot Five And 214 Pounds? Can you teach a hack like ball handling with Nurse Turnell or 750 senior games in the NHL? In Bower’s first World Cup match, he scored three times, scored six shots on target, and played at 21:48.

Think of all the great defenders who wore the Team Canada jersey over their heads in this match, from Shea Weber to Scott Needermeyer, and from Larry Murphy to Duncan Keith. Nobody scored a hat-trick in this match and Bauer did it in his first match.

“I am very surprised. A lot of good players have come and played in these tournaments. I don’t know if anyone has done a treble,” he said after the match. “This is the first treble I’ve had in my life. .

It was Power’s final season at the University of Michigan, before joining a team at Buffalo that had multiple ups and downs in the “all-around first draft,” as the club calling Rogers Bliss home. Going through Beijing, it’s hard to imagine a group of Canadian players from outside the NHL, and none of them would be the best 19-year-old Blue Line player.

“We came to our knowledge at the time. Put your balance in jeopardy, you’re on the verge of a really low panic,” Cameron said. “Compared to Chris Bronker, Chris had this mean connection. I haven’t seen Owen reach that point. I trained against him, I had Piatrancello in the World Youth Team and I see a lot of similarities there. The ability to escape under pressure. ”

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Speaking of which, Canada came close enough to escape an intense long-term Sekia test, with Cameroon leading 3-1 at only 12:23 in the match, forcing Cameron to use the time ahead.

Canada was not a second behind until it won the gold medal at the Junior World Championships last year. In the first match of the season, the Czechs scored three times in a row against the Canadians, the first time in the history of the World Japs Championships for the Czech Republic.

“This time frame is huge,” Bauer said. “We’ve been grounded and have done a great job keeping the guys ahead of us. We’re not trying to force anything or cheat the crime.

Cameron has experience in these matters – this is his fourth game behind the Canadian bench as an assistant or head coach.

“One of the things we discussed during the week as coaching staff was that we didn’t know what to expect in the first 10 minutes,” he said. “We played a game and they didn’t play anything. We knew it was going to be an adventure. Youth hockey at its best.

good news? Often, Canada’s first misery won’t come until the medal round: coming home if you fail, sometimes in a vacuum. It was a small bump in the road that was unexpected but did not satisfy Cameron and his staff.

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“Suffering always brings joy when you win a hockey game,” the coach said. “This is the fourth FIFA Youth World Cup, and what I’ve learned is that we can expect the unexpected. It will never turn out the way you painted it. Transformation is your team’s skill.

“The suffering was good because we won. We hope to learn from it and grow.

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