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Everything invites you to think yes.

That this year, Youtube Annual income can equal to Netflix At the end of this year.

At least if we take into account that advertising revenue has increased again in the first quarter of 2021, going from + 46% in the previous quarter to + 48% in the past three months. Or what is the same: Six billion dollars in January income for this part according to the accounts provided before the alphabet.

The economic results are very similar to those provided by the VOD platform led by Reed Hastings, which in the most recent quarter can boast of having entered $ 7,163 million, thanks to 24% growth, which is somewhat less than Google’s video platform.

If things continue like this, YouTube could end the year with around 29,000 or 30,000 million in sales while expert analysts expect annual Netflix sales to be $ 29,700 million.

Although in reality, it can be said that YouTube has already won if we consider that we are talking about volume of sales and not net profits. Which is that while Netflix needs to invest billions and billions to produce new content that arrives on its platform every week (to give you an idea, from the 24.996 million that I billed last year, it just announced it’s a net profit of 2.761 million) everything points out that YouTube (which it actually is) It is more of a social network than a VOD platform and practically does not invest in producing its own content because its users are already doing it for them) it can handle a larger profit margin.

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