Xiaomi enters the trend of smart glasses and presents its first model with a MicroLED screen

Chinese cell phone giant xiaomi It announced that it is going in the direction of smart glasses. The device features a screen display in front of the user’s eyes Provide additional information Such as titles, machine translation, or the ability to take and share photos.

According to the Chinese brand, the model Xiaomi smart glasses It will work like what google browser chased with him Google glasses what or what Facebook social networking site recently introduced in In cooperation with the manufacturer Ray-Ban NS Snapchat with Spectacles.

For this reason, the company sees in its new accessory the replacement of the cell phone in the not too distant future, which is why they decided to incorporate it into it. Common functions of mobile devicesSuch as calls, navigation and photography.

The release date of the Xiaomi smart glasses has not been confirmed yet.

Xiaomi smart glasses have a traditional design, with a 5-megapixel camera at the left end of the frame and a 0.13-inch microLED display that displays information in front of the user’s eyes. It also includes a microphone and speakers for calls and control through voice commands.

Also, this device was able You can take photos and record videos with the built-in 5MP camera, as well as capture and play back audio thanks to a microphone and speaker hidden in the frame of the stand. It will also bring its own processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, and an internal battery, although its capacity is unknown.

More “smart” glasses

Last week, Facebook and Ray-Ban presented their model for Smart Sunglasses, Ray Ban StoriesIt has a built-in photo and audio camera, which allows you to record videos, take pictures, listen to music, and make calls.

The social media giant and the glasses maker have been working together on several projects since 2019, according to media reports, and Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg himself confirmed the collaboration in July of this year.

Last week’s announcement, however, still stands Far from the big goal of the social network Between the eyebrows: an augmented reality model that “prints” useful and entertaining information on the user’s appearance, something that remains to be seen.

These sunglasses have a classic Ray-Ban design that hides their clever capabilities (it’s easy to mistake them for traditional sunglasses), but they conceal their clever capabilities. Two five-megapixel cameras Side and Side A small white light flashes next to it when recording images.

The sunglasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban can take photos and record videos.  Photo: EFE.

The sunglasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban can take photos and record videos. Photo: EFE.

Currently, Facebook has revealed in its company blog that the so-called “Ray-Ban Stories” (Ray-Ban Stories) will sell for $299 online and at exclusive locations in the US, UK and Canada. Australia, Ireland and Italy.


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