Two Russian candidates changed their names and physical appearance to match the preferred candidate and cast votes.

An election poster showing the faces of the three candidates. The original Vishnevsky is the one on the right, the only one with a tie. (Source: Twittervisboris)

On September 5, a candidate for the regional parliament in St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevskyfrom the Liberal Party YablokoAnd He got a huge surprise when he met the faces of the opponents of his campaign. While I was already aware of it Both candidates changed their names to match him – A fairly common practice in Russian politics – he could see this by publishing the election poster Both candidates also changed their physical appearance to look like the real Boris Vishnevsky.

in a Signboard You can see three almost identical faces This, combined with the fact that the trio bear the same name, makes the task of getting to know each one almost impossible for a person who does not know the depth of the original Vishnevsky.

while this perfectly legal According to the Russian election laws, at least changing the name, relatively commonAccording to Russian mediator Meduza This also happens in at least three districts of Moscow – the candidate opposed to the Putin regime was very annoyed that this practice was used to confuse voters: “This is a scamHe denounced in statements to French press agency. “These people participate in elections not in order to be elected, but to confuse the voters“.

as posted UN tweet He shows his dissatisfaction with the situation and leaves open the possibility that the photos have also been digitally altered: “The scam continues. My “husband”, who at the time of the elections became “Boris Vishnevsky”, after changing their first and last names, changed their appearance. They’ve gained a beard and mustache, and I think some touch ups have been made as well. See how they look at the poster that will be hung in the lottery“.

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Little and nothing is known about the other candidatesSince this poster was published They avoid campaigning and appearing in public. However, their real names are known: Victor Bykov And Alexey Shmelev. The former appearance of Bykov is also known, which makes the truth even more scandalous: The physical transformation was total. As can be seen in filter survey Posted by In 2017, Bekov had a full head of blond hair without gray hair, he had no hair in his beard or mustache and had blue eyes..

Viktor Bykov wearing his original look in 2017 (Source:
Viktor Bykov wearing his original look in 2017 (Source:

Although the ruling party is expected to maintain a majority in Parliament, recently there has been Significant growth in the opposition makes elections more competitive. It is for this reason that President Putin’s party has reached this point in an attempt to remove the opposition – in this case Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF) – the largest number of votes. In the event of an election as it may be contested, Every voter can be confused with this tactic of great value. The strategy also aims to make hesitant voters lose the desire to vote in a system plagued by vices that could be considered undemocratic. “Every time there are elections we say it’s the dirtiest everDiego Vishnevsky from The Guardian.I’m sure we’ll say the same in the next election“.

Elections will be held on Sunday 19 September. It would be necessary to see that this many votes remove the “doubles” from the real Vishnevsky, but regardless of the final results, it is clear that this almost comedic precedent will remain for history.

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