Andalusia crowns the best athletes

Malaga was the chosen place to host Absolute Andalusian Championship, An event open to the public that brought together nearly half a thousand athletes (486) from up to 70 clubs in the community and the rest of the country in an idyllic area, Malaga City Stadium, It has been years since he celebrated an absolute date like this and he lived a great atmosphere accompanied by a capacity of up to 750 people.

The first winner was one of the tournament names and national spectator, Lorenzo Hernandez of Motrile (Spain’s absolute and world runner-up), who did not find an opponent in the discus. Some of the tournament’s own names also did not disappoint, including several from Sevilla, and several current members of the Spanish squad capped all day, such as Cadiz sprinter Pablo Montalvo (Barcelona), in the 100; Jaén Alberto González (Unicaja Jaén) in The Hammer or Cordovan Carmen Avilés (Club Los Califas), in the year 200.

Of course, besides such great world exponents, in the absence of other great Andalusian names, in the full Olympic setting there was a splendid exhibition of the talents of an independent quarry, eager to seize the “Great”. The medal table was widely distributed, although there were undoubtedly two teams that stood out again: Trops Cueva de Nerja, with a total of 35 metals (11 gold, 12 silver and 12 bronze) and Unicaja Jaén Paraíso Interior, with 14 (8 gold ), 2 silver and 4 bronze). Third place in the medal table was Bahia de Algeciras, with 7 medals (5 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze).

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Andalusian event log:

100: Pablo Montalvo (Barcelona) / Marta Moreno (Tropes Cueva de Nerja).

200: Jose Maria Marvison (Trops Cueva de Nerja) / Carmen Aviles (California Cordoba).

400: Javier Sanchez (Trops Cueva de Nerja) / Paula Clavero (Trops Cueva de Nerja)

800: Angel Alvarez (Castellon Beaches) / Almudena Saporido (Gulf of Algeciras)

1500: Marco Ruffo (Umeo) / Paula Viviana Ramirez (Tropes Cueva de Nerja).

100/110 hurdles: Francisco Javier Lopez (Sorco Lucina) / Sheila Prados (Unicaja Gyan)

400 hurdles: Alfonso Holgado (Gulf of Algeciras) / Nora Suarez (Valencia)

3000 obstacles: Cristóbal Valenzuela (Nerja Cave trops) / Irene Rancaño (Bay of Algeciras)

5000: Pablo Canovas (Almeria) / Lucia Perez (Trops Cueva de Nerja).

5 km on foot: Juan Antonio Porras (Unicaja Jaén) aq / María Teresa Morata (Unicaja Jaén)

Hammer: Alberto Gonzalez (Unicaja Gyan) / Blanca Lopez (Tropes Cueva de Nerja)

Weight: Borja Vivas (Málaga Athletics) / Christina Trigo (Sorco Lucina)

Spear: Alberto Sanchez (Sorco Lucina) / Zoe Camila Perez (Gulf Algeciras)

Disco: Lorenzo Hernandez (Barcelona) / Nika Ezinoa (Tropes Cueva de Nerja)

Trilogy: Carlos Martin (Sorco Lucina) / Dolores Morillas (Unicaja Jaén Paraíso Interior)

Height: Jose Luis Fernandez (Unicaja Jaén Paraíso Interior) / Dolores Morillas (Unicaja Jaén)

Hike: Candido Gomez (Gulf of Algeciras) / Una Stansiv (Trops Cueva de Nerja)

Pole: Angel Romero, from Pozoblanco / Carla Franch (Unicaja Gyan)

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