Workouts at home: a simple routine for beginners

The coronavirus pandemic has made us see (by force) all the options available to us Exercising at home. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never exercised before, this is always a good time to start, both for your physical and mental health.

Perhaps the most difficult thing is to achieve order and consistency: willpower will be the key, since no one will tell you what to do but yourself.

Do Playing sportsAccording to experts, it improves our mood and state of mind; Plus, it helps you sleep, among other benefits.

If you’ve never exercised, don’t worry: this simple routine suggested by the site ABC It is perfectly suitable for beginners.

Floor press

Push-ups are very easy to do at home, whether on the floor or on a mat. Lie on your stomach and place your palms on the floor at shoulder height. You lifted your body and were able to keep your body upright without lifting your buttocks and looking straight ahead.

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If you can’t with all your weight, you can support your knees, this way the same area is worked at a lower intensity. He did three sets of 10 pushups.

Wall push-up

If push-ups on the floor are not your thing, or if you simply want to tone the area even more, we offer you another option. Put your hands on the wall and separate them (the more you move, the more intense the exercise).

As on the floor, put your hands at shoulder height and raise your legs – this is the starting position for the exercise. To do this, you go down towards the wall, tightening the abdomen and making sure that your back does not twist. He did three sets of 10 pushups.

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Squatting with arms forward

In this exercise, we will do a normal squat, but with the arms extended for intensification. If the exercise is impossible for you with your arms extended, you can perform squats as normal.

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Remember that when squatting, your knees should be in the same direction as the balls of your feet. Perform three reps of 10 squats.

step up

Although this exercise is done with a box, you can also use a chair or something that allows you to climb without turning over. Place one foot completely on the stairs and the other on the floor. The foot on the floor is raised and also placed in the tray.

Keep in mind that when lifting your foot you should use the strength of your leg and tighten your stomach. Otherwise, you will not be exercising properly. He performed two repetitions of 10 passes on each leg.

buttock bridge

Support your entire body on the floor or on a mat and lower your hands. Raise your pelvis and keeping your back straight, then lower yourself without touching the floor until the end of the repetitions. Perform three repetitions for every 10 lifts.

Simple and cross exercises

To perform classic crunches, place your hands behind the back of your neck and raise them for a crunch. Focus your energy on the abdomen and be careful in the neck area. Do three reps of 10 abdominal exercises.

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For Crusaders, lie on the floor and put your feet on the ground. Put one of your feet on your knee and place your opposite arm under your head. This is the initial position for the exercise, now keeping your stomach solid, try to touch your nose with the knee. You repeat 10 exercises on each leg.

Bicycle sitting exercises

This time, instead of resting your feet, place them at 90 degrees with your hands under your head. I tried to make your nose touch your left knee while the right leg is outstretched, and I did the same, but in the opposite direction. Do two repetitions of 10 exercises.

pair of scissors

Straighten your entire body and raise your legs. Now make crosses with them that simulate the movement of scissors. I’ve done 3 times of 20 exercises.

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