Olympics: A solid American success in swimming

the swimming, a sport star The Olympic Games ended in Tokyo. United States and Australia, As expected, they fought until the last day for world domination.

The performance of athletes from all over the world was distinguished by great difficulties For training and competitions brought by the epidemic, and in the case of swimming too ISL events, With a new format for several weeks each, it was allowed to win major international stars Hundreds of thousands of dollars in awards. but at the expense of sometimes Blur them from their willingness to Tokyo.

We’ve already said it in other notes, swimming is regular sport With different preparation needs, making it clear It’s not like football Nor can it be analyzed in the same way, let alone training with many annual goals and settings.

Katie Ledecky especially ONE VELACINOR He led the United States to the victory of the country and assured, once again, its success huge hierarchy, With a difficult and possibly overloaded competency programme, either because of their own aspirations or Need medals for your team. Meanwhile, other stars like Betty and assets temmos and king, They dominate their exams with very good marks, while great swimmers love Le Clos, Hoso and Manuel They were below their usual level.

In several substitutions, new world records were set and the United States, surprisingly, Lost part of sovereignty In those classic tests by Australia and Great Britain. For Americans, the bottom line, especially the number of gold medals achieved, had little to no flavor, as they used to do in the past. almost exclusive domain This is not happening now.

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The medals lost in swimming will certainly be missed in Fight with China and Japan at the medal table Total sports cars.

The performance of the Argentina was bad, somehow predictable, Because there are many very weak marks in international events next to these games, such as South America in March this year. This may indeed be an alarm, at least to those who are treated with knowledge of the subject and not with expressions of desire.

Is this in this sport There is no magic or keeping the movements of Providence, The results are usually confirmation of the performance obtained in daily training, in a Preparation must be very careful.

This outcome and its reasons should be technical, strategic, personal or motivating and programming Detected, analyzed and corrected Constructively by competent people, but not vented Through the clutter of blogs of all kinds, on social networks.

It is the respect that They deserve to swim, their champions And the big investments of more than four years made by everyone, in this Very tough times.

* Former National Sports Director.

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