With Lula da Silva, time is back to the left …

From Rio de Janeiro. Lula’s full return to political life changes the conditions for political confrontations. Until then, the clashes were centered on the right, between Bolsonaro and sectors of the right that, in support of his economic policy, had deviated from his style of government. Between Bolsonaro and the judiciary, between Bolsonaro and Congress, between Bolsonaro and the media.

In the face of these confrontations, the left has always had to stand against Bolsonaro. But he was not the protagonist. It was a concrete front in it The right set the conditions for the confrontation with Bolsonaro. The horizon of struggle was restricted to the right against the extreme right, which did not affect the government’s economic policy. It ran into Bolsonaro’s authoritarian tendencies.

The re-emergence of Lula does not change the terms of discussions and confrontations. The fact that right-wing politicians love Fernando Enrique Cardoso, Antonio Delphim Neto, Rodrigo Pais, Gilberto Kasab, Who chose to vote Lula in the second round, represents a significant split from the right and a willingness to consider Lula a less bad option, compared to Bolsonaro.

The division of truth is another symptom of the loss of the narrative and the dominant power of the right. His anti-political and anti-corruption rhetoric has lost the ability to win and maintain the adherence of the majority in society. The loss of support does not prevent Bolsonaro from continuing to garner a level of support, at least in opinion polls, that makes him, as in 2018, the main opponent of the left, Labor and Lula. The others, generally candidates seeking to express a supposed third way, are divided and unable to add significant political and social support. In the latest poll, in which Lula took the lead over Bolsonaro, only 12 percent of the other candidates were left. They are keeping their nominations, because they believe that at some point, the right might largely abandon Bolsonaro and look for alternatives.

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The left must understand the new possibility presented to it and rise to the challenges. First, Lula stresses, focus now on the urgent needs of the population: emergency aid, employment, and vaccines. Recognition of the urgency of the masses of the population abandoned by the government.

The left must not give up the fight to isolate Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro’s control of Congress is even more tenuous given the lack of control over the pandemic, which has been expressed in statements, especially by the Chamber’s president, whom Bolsonaro trusted to stop impeachment. Revealed how Centrão is influenced by the wearing of Bolsonaro He will abandon it if this attrition threatens his electoral support.

The daredevil relies on another factor that is absent at the moment: Quarantine prevents Bolsonaro’s refusal from promoting large street demonstrations. Cacerolazos is an example of how this rejection spreads and becomes more powerful. But a climate in which the majority no longer supports Bolsonaro requires street mobilization, which should not return for a few months.

But some circumstances could spark the rapidly deploying spark that would make the impeachment trial viable.. Most businessmen are very unhappy. Majority of the media, too. It will be necessary to break Bolsonaro’s base of parliamentary support.

Alongside this possibility, which could save Brazil from its current suffering, the left must consider the possibility that the political row could lead to the 2022 elections. By then, The left’s primary responsible position must be the unity of all forcesWhich would only happen today about Lula, the candidate of the great left.

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With a broad proposal to rebuild the country, a devastated country from all points of view, which the left will receive as a legacy of six years of neoliberal devastation in Brazil. It is not just a political front of the forces, but also Great social alliance About those who support the restoration of democracy, the economic and social reconstruction of the country, the resumption of economic development, with social policies to distribute income and generate income and employment.

The left has to present itself to the country as the only force that can unite the majority of the country to assert democracy, make the economy grow, confront inequality, and restore Brazil’s image in the world. The Brazilian left needs a great victoryWe hope in the first round, because it will be a defeat not only for the far right and the right, but directly for the army, which has joined the adventure of the Bolsonaro government.

The left needs the confirmation of the vast majority To restore democracy, to promote the disarmament of the state of Brazil, and to put an end to the money of the economy Re-imposing the productivity dynamic, combating inequalities, creating jobs, and promoting the rights of all.

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