Donald Trump views his fortune with some suspicion: for the first time in 25 years he left the list of the 400 richest people on the planet

by For the first time in the last 25 years, Former US President Donald Trump Left the list of the 400 greatest fortunes From the world a magazine creates Forbes. This was announced Tuesday with a statement from the publication.

The billionaire’s fortune is now calculated in 2.5 billion dollars, which is roughly the same as last year.

The difference is that in 2020 Trump stop at 339 . position The richest people on the planet, but this year a job Trump’s main principles focused on Real estateAnd I stopped in the face of the boost shown by the cryptocurrency and the tech sector, Where the former president did not risk his action plan.

The reason why Trump left the Forbes list

Compared to figures released before the coronavirus pandemic, Trump’s fortune has fallen by $600 million.

Forbes He attributes this position to decisions taken by the former Republican president, especially by He did not diversify his fortune and reinvest in new sectors, he advised his advisors when he became president in 2016.

Donald Trump (Foto: AFP) by: Andrew Caballero Reynolds | (Foto: AFP)

Forbes Includes a graph of Trump’s wealth evolution since 1996. That year saw the most dramatic rise in the businessman’s fortune that brought him closer to the 100 richest people in the world.

With some ups and downs, his fortune has held out Stable between 2000 and 2015, but since then it has started to decline Which has now prompted him to leave the exclusive list of four hundred millionaires on the planet.

The presidency has never been a big deal for Donald Trump

as ForbesDuring his four years in the White House, Trump’s fortunes continued to decline. First He left the list of the 200 richest people in 2016; then from The 300 richest people in 2020 Finally this year pulled out of the 400 super millionaires.

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After the release of ForbesTrump decided to remain silent and did not issue any official statement, the only tool that remained at hand after suspending his accounts on the social networks Twitter (his favorite), Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat.

However, the former president does not give up. Monday presented a Florida lawsuit would force Twitter to reinstate its banned account In January of this year, when he posted tweets that violated platform rules marking the violent events that took place in the Washington Capitol during the vote count that confirmed the electoral victory of Joe Biden.

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