Windows 11 unites Spotify with opening times

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Microsoft continues to reveal the news that comes with the new version of the operating system and this time the role is a new function intended for people who prefer Listening to music while studying or doing various jobs.

The news was shared by Microsoft and Windows Device Manager Panos Panay, who in a Twitter post showed his first look at Focus Sessions. focus sessions to be included in Windows 11 operating system.

The function in question consists of conditioning recognized Pomodoro time management technique Through an interesting combination with the popular music streaming app Spotify.

The Pomodoro technique involves managing time by breaking down work into smaller parts with short breaks. The funny thing about this new job is that It will be included in the default clock app in the operating system, so that anyone can activate it as quickly as possible.

Another element that adds to the peculiarity of this new function is Spotify integration to add music to work times, so that the selected songs or albums appear along with the selected periods recorded in the application. The music will be played, and once the allotted time for work or study is completed, To notify users that it is time to rest.

Applications that integrate Pomodoro technology are nothing new, there are many versions for mobile phones and from web pages to use in browsers, the interesting thing about this is that This will be the first time that it is a native element in the operating system, in addition to the obvious and amazing use of Spotify which will be optional.

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This is not the first time that Microsoft has made some kind of alliance with the popular music streaming app, a few months ago we met for the first time Spotify on Xbox consoles With the ability to listen to music from a registered account while using the console to play in a traditional way, even with the option to manage music tracks from other devices linked to the same account.

Keep in mind that this may be Microsoft’s response to Focus mode, or focus mode, Apple It is available in both iOS 15 As in the latest version of Mac OS, Monterey. This mode found on Apple devices allows users to set certain times when they won’t have any distractions from notifications or calls unless they’re from contacts or apps they’ve identified as important.

Of course, focus sessions on Windows 11 will work alongside the tasks or assignments you have registered in your cloud-based task manager app, Microsoft To Do. This also means that users will be able to manage tasks from other devices, so that an entire day can be set up that is efficient just by selecting it from the Clock app when the computer is actually in use.

Focus sessions are not yet available for Insider Previews users, which may mean that users who have signed up to test the Windows 11 beta may not yet be able to learn about the feature. However, this novelty is expected to be part of the additions that will arrive first with the official launch of the operating system later this year.

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