Google Photos is no longer free: Starting in June, users will have to pay

Google Photos is the cloud photo storage service preferred by Android users, mainly because it automatically syncs with cell phone content.

However, as Google announced, it won’t be free as of June 1.

In fact, the space taken up by the photos will be deducted from the free 15 GB that Google offers to its users, which so far only has been shared with Gmail, Drive and the entire Google Docs package. Now images will also be hosted there, and if the user is interested in expanding storage, they will have to pay for Google One, whose plans range from 100GB to 10TB.

Changes in Windows: Say goodbye to the old icons that were around 25 years ago

This year has seen big changes to Windows, Microsoft’s operating system. The latest release, dubbed Sun Valley, promises a “radical revamp” of the façade, with more streamlined and modern visuals. Now, according to Windows Latest, there will be a complete revamp of the icons the system uses, many of which have been in effect since the Windows 95 era, that is, for 25 years.

While it is true that Microsoft has updated many elements of Windows 10, many applications still use the icons library inherited from Windows 95 and thus display old images.

The new Shell32.dll file will contain updated icons for hibernation, networks, memory, drives, and more.

As color data, even the floppy drive icon has been optimized, which is something that no one will probably use again.

Netflix: another step towards personalizing your content

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The Netflix streaming platform has already started work on a revolutionary new project. The company is clarifying, announcing this new move that will allow, among other things, the creation of playlists. Podcast: “N-Plus will be a future space on the Internet where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and anything related to them.” And tutorials and other qualities that bring you closer to apps and services like YouTube or Spotify.

The field work has already started and Netflix is ​​gathering information among thousands of users to take this new turn towards customizing the content of the platform and also towards the ability for users to create their own content to share with others. There is still no release date, but everything indicates that this advance will generate, as Netflix has already done since its release, a resounding change in the world of streaming.

WhatsApp: Make the privacy agreement more flexible

Some time ago, WhatsApp announced new privacy policies that were criticized by a large number of users, and many of them, in fact, decided to move to other messaging apps. Messenger, part of the Facebook conglomerate, had warned that there was time until May 15 to accept the new terms and that, otherwise, the service could not be continued. Now, WhatsApp has decided to soften its position so that users have more time to accept them and there is still no deadline. The platform reported that the accounts will not be terminated but the restrictions will be applied, something that had no effect.

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More security in Gmail: Two-step authentication will be mandatory

Google announced that two-step authentication will be mandatory soon (it didn’t specify when). This is a security measure that until now was only optional. It consists of entering, in addition to the usual password, a key that arrives by SMS to the user’s phone, to ensure that it is the owner who actually enters the mail, photos and documents into the Google ecosystem. This can be annoying, but the company maintains that it is necessary given the amount of sensitive information that users host to their Google accounts every day.

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